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The Geekly with a Twist: February 24th-March 1st

Hello hello everyone…I hope you all made it out of the house for a Fat Tuesday binge because now ’tis the season of Lent!  Okay, so, to some that means a lot more than to others, but regardless of your beliefs, you’ve gotta enjoy some Geekly!  So, without stalling, onward with the history!

February 24th, 1786: The other half of the infamous Brothers Grimm, Wilhelm Grimm (the younger of the two) is born in Hanau in the Holy Roman Empire.

Photo Courtesy Olmos Productions

February 24th, 1947: Happy birthday- so say we all!  The man who would go on to be noted for his character performances (specifically including Detective Gaff from Blade Runner and Adama in Battlestar Galactica, the reimagined series) Edward James Olmos is born in Los Angeles, California.

February 25th, 1971: Goonies alum and former hobbit, Sean Astin is born in Santa Monica, California.

February 28th, 1924: Without Chris Kraft’s birth in Phoebus, Virginia, NASA might have looked a lot different.  He would go on to become the main engineer responsible for Mission Control.

February 29th, 1860: Herman Hollerith, the man whose mechanical tabulator would revolutionize statistics and be a forerunner of the modern computer, is born in Buffalo, New York.

February 29th, 1952: Again in Buffalo (92 years later, of course), the science fiction and fantasy author who is more recently known for the novel On Stranger Tides (originally published in 1988 but recently optioned into the 4th installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise) is born.

March 1st, 1966: The Soviets beat us in this space race- the prove Venera 3 crashed onto the planet Venus.  It was the first time an unmanned spacecraft had landed on the surface of another planet.  r 1

March 1st, 1978:  Best known for his role as Dean Winchester in Supernatural, Jensen Ackles is born in Dallas, Texas.  Jensen is also lesser known for geeky bits including voicing Red Hood in Batman: Under the Red Hood, Gibson in the Tron: Evolution video game, and as Jason Teague in Smallville.

Okay, so for a twist on the Twist, rather than pairing this week’s cocktail with the history, I’ll pair it with the oddity in dating we have this year.  That’s right, it’s a Leap Year Cocktail.

  • 2 oz gin (London Dry Gin works best for this cocktail, I’ve found)
  • 1/2 oz sweet vermouth
  • 1/2 oz Grand Marnier (You can use Cointreau or triple sec if you’re on a budget, but it’s not quite as good)
  • 1/4 oz lemon juice

Shake with ice, strain into a cocktail glass, and enjoy with a garnish of lemon twist!

And, for another Garnish, why not spend a little time shopping to clean up your act!  Okay, well, goofy Mardi Gras hangover references aside, check out Luxury Lane Soap!

I’m personally dying to have the Marvel Guest Soaps in my extra bathroom, I’m sure the boyfriend would love the Mountain Dew scented Clean Caffeine Body Wash, and OHMYGODIDIDN’TSEETHATBEFOREINEEDITANDINEEDITNOW!! FIREFLYREFERENCESAREAMAZING!!! Alliance Soap Bars!

Photo Courtesy Luxury Lane Soap

 Is it bad that I seriously spent a whole day looking at this site last time?  Must…get…work…done….

Okay, so go check ’em out and tell ’em AJ sent ya!  Until next time, though, geek on!

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