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The Geekly with a Twist: February 10th-16th

Good day to you all!  I come this week from a super-secret office that would serve perfectly for an evil secret headquarters…but, it’s not my office, so I guess I will just dare to dream. Anyways…I’m feeling a bit older so onward with the history!

February 10th, 1905: The man who would grace the silver screen as one of the most notable characters of the old school horror genre, the Wolf Man, Lon Chaney Jr. is born in Oklahoma City.

February 11th, 1847: The Wizard of Menlo Park himself, Thomas Alva Edison is born in Milan, Ohio.

February 11th, 2000: The space shuttle Endeavor takes off on a Shuttle Radar Topography Mission.  Its purpose?  To gather more information to make more detailed maps of the Earth.

February 12th, 1809: The groundbreaking naturalist who is best known for his On the Origin of Species, Charles Darwin is born in Shropshire, England.

February 12, 2001: For the first time, a craft lands on a small space rock when the NEAR Shoemaker space probe lands on the asteroid Eros.

February 14th, 1961: Lawrencium (element number 103) is first synthesized at the University of California in Berkeley, CA.

February 14th, 1970: Fellow geek and brilliant actor/writer/producer/director/comedian, Simon Pegg is born in Gloucestershire, England.

February 15th, 1564: A man called “the father of modern science,” Galileo Galilei is born in Pisa (and, if you’re not familiar with the tower, that’s in Italy).

February 15th, 1995: One of the more notable hackers of history, Kevin Mitnick is apprehended in Raleigh, North Carolina.

February 16th, 1957: A man who’s pretty awesome (but you don’t have to take my word for it), self-proclaimed nerd and actor/director/producer/author LeVar Burton is born in Landstuhl, West Germany at the US military-run hospital.

Soo…let’s Twist!  How about a Wolfman in honor of the master horror actor himself?

  • 1 1/2 oz spiced rum
  • 1/2 oz coffee liqueur
  • Club soda

Mix the coffee liqueur and rum in a shaker with ice, pour over ice in a highball glass and top with the soda.  Garnish ideas include limes “moons,” dog bone shaped fruits, and of course…

THE Garnish….  This week I couldn’t help but point you towards the awesome that is a certain birthday boy’s blog. is not only awesome, but super time-wasting awesomeness!   After all, look what’s on the front page of the news…


So, until next week geeks, geek on!

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