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Terror Films Invades the Great White North


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America’s northern neighbor Canada has always been generous in its cinematic cultural gifts to the US of A, most notably in the “Body Horror” stylings of director David Cronenberg and the ability of Vancouver, British Columbia to look like Anytown Big City.

Now U.S. movie distributor Terror Films has struck a deal with Canadian distributor Raven Banner Releasing to return the favor with a series of upcoming genre titles.  Terror films is already handling US distribution of Raven Banner films, so this deal completes the circle.

The list Terror Films set for release in Canada range from the post-apocalyptic Antidote to the found footage style Hell House LLC and the femme-fatale thriller Goddess of Love.

[Image courtesy Terror Films]
Two titles on the upcoming slate from Terror Films look particularly interesting for horror fans. First is the documentary Unearthed & Untold: The Path to Pet Sematary.

[Image courtesy Terror Films]
Terror Films describes Unearthed as “a detailed look into the making of Pet Sematary, one of the most enduring cult-horror classics of our generation.” Contributors include Pet Sematary‘s director Mary Lambert, along with actors Denise Crosby and Dale Midkiff. The poster for Unearthed, with its pitch-perfect homage to the Warner Bros. VHS clamshell cases does almost as good a job of making horror fans want to see this one as much as the original Pet Sematary art on the shelves of your local 4-Star Video back in the day.

Genre legend & Canadian native Michael Ironside (Scanners, Total Recall, Starship Troopers, and many, many more) stars in the other notable title in this deal. In Patient Seven, Ironside is Dr. Macus, interviewing patients at the benignly-named Spring Valley Mental Hospital. Each horrific story leads to a connecting, final subject — the mysterious seventh patient.

Michael Ironside starring in a horror anthology set in a creepy mental hospital? If that sound intriguing, check out the teaser trailer below.


For more information about the films, visit the Terror Films website


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