After 16 years, SHAMAN KING Gets New English Release

Long time fans of Shaman King, rejoice. The popular Shonen Jump franchise is returning, both in the form of a new anime adaptation, and via the re-release of the manga. comiXology announced that, on July 28th, the entire manga will be released digitally on their platform, including the final three volumes that weren’t translated into English during the manga’s first release. The re-release also features new cover art, made by creator Hiroyuki Takei, and the colored pages will be in the English release.

“It’s been over 10 years since I’ve completed Shaman King. But finally –– at last –– I can deliver the true ending to the story to the fans in America,” Takei said. “It’s a message from my heart, and I think it’s a particularly important one in this day and age. I hope that it’ll reach the hearts of many comrades.”

Created in 1998, Shaman King is the story of a young shaman named Yoh, who wishes to win the “Shaman Fight in Tokyo” tournament so that he may earn the ultimate spirit partner, God, so that he can live the rest of his life without the need to work. Along the way, he makes many friends, including an ex-gang member, the leader of a group of Japanese thugs, and even the heir of a powerful Chinese clan of shamans.

Some speculate that this could lead to the localization of the Shaman King spinoffs that never got localized, such as the sequel series to Shaman King, Shaman King: Flowers.

The anime will release in 2021, though the company that’s making the show remains a mystery.

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