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ROGUES GALLERY #39: Zombies, Lesbians, and Monsters


This week, we take a look at the clumsy way some of the Berlanti shows are including “Moral of the Story” plots in order to be relevant. Plus, what’s with Penguin’s hair? Gotham actually delivered a decent crime-centered episode this wee, and we have a special guest to help us talk about Supergirl, which had some story issues, too. Could they be any more “Here’s Maggie Sawyer. She’s a lesbian.” on us? What about the fact that she’s supposed to be a really really good cop? Kudos, though, to casting and wardrobe on Roulette.

The Flash brings us one step closer to Killer Frost. Arrow wasn’t as much of a mess this week, although it wasn’t that memorable, either. And Legends of Tomorrow gave us zombies during the Civil War!

[su_audio url=”″]

The panel: Ann Laabs, Kathryn Sanders, Sonya Rodriguez, Treniyah Adair, Kendal Sinn, Timothy Harvey, Dustin Adair, Jason Hunt




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