Omega: The Legacy of James Thomas audiobook

David Read

Over the weekend I was privileged to get to listen to the very first chapter of “Omega: The Legacy of James Thomas.” This in-the-works fictional audio drama is the decade-long project of author David Read, who is “doing a Dickens” and publishing his novel online in a chapter-by-chapter or serialized format.

Set in 2381, most of “Omega” is set aboard the USS Moriah, a Prometheus-class Federation starship existing in an expanded alternate reality where many sci-fi universes coexist. Being unfamiliar with Read’s previous work presents little difficulty for understanding the audiobook’s storyline, as his narrative flows easily and an ensemble cast of 25 voices along with excellent sound effects bring the non-canon crossover story to vivid life. “Omega” is mashup of Star Trek, Star Wars and Stargate worlds, so those fans will find much to delight them as the complex plot develops. With just the first chapter now available online, one can only hope for more of the story to be published soon!

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