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New Directions for Han Solo; Carrie Fisher’s Autopsy, Mark Hamill Retracts — SALACIOUS CRUMBS Episode XLIX


Salacious Crumbs is SciFi4Me’s up-to-the-minute news & rumor program about the Star Wars universe. Tune in every other Sunday at 6pm CST US for a brand new episode!

This week on Episode XLIX:

00:22 – Han Solo crew shirts
00:41 – Ron Howard to direct SOLO
02:02 – Boycott THE LAST JEDI?
03:13 – new trailer for THE LAST JEDI?
04:14 – one extra thing for Trevorrow
05:30 – Praetorian guard details
06:16 – Trevorrow on SW influence
07:25 – Mark Hamill gets some heat
08:27 – Carrie Fisher’s autopsy report
10:02 – “Looking for Leia” documentary



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