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It’s a Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day in GOTHAM, and SciFi4Chicks is Here to Discuss It

You know it’s a SciFi4Chicks podcast when tech problems interrupt the recording. But nothing can stop Heather and Alex from discussing the last two episodes of Gotham. And there’s so much to talk about!

The panel: Heather French, Alex Callahan.

There’s Barbara and the throwaway way the writers are currently handling her storyline. There’s the Creepy Creeper That Creeps, also known as Ed Nigma; and his creepy obsession with Miss Kringle. There are our favorites kids and their canoe (with Alfred being awesome in the background).

Listen to Heather and Alex talk about the anticlimactic resolution of the Gruber plot, along with the powerful and incredibly intense end of the romance between Falcone and Liza.

We have so many feels about the journey our righteous hero, Jim Gordon, is on. We want to see what’s in store for Bullock and Fish Mooney.

And Butch. Dear Lord, how we want to see what happens to Butch. (Answer: Nothing happens to Butch, he lives and it all ends well, because we love Butch and if he dies, we shall riot.)

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