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H2O #57: In Which We Discuss Story, Story Story



We’re not talking about the Hugo Awards. Yet.

But as we delve into the research for that topic, we keep coming back to something that’s been a constant element in many of our podcasts, both here on H2O and on Level Eleventy-Seven and Echo Chamber as well: what makes a good story? Just as we discussed the definition of “science fiction” on Echo Chamber (with special guests), here now we take a look at the concept of story and why it’s important.


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One thought on “H2O #57: In Which We Discuss Story, Story Story

  • I agree with your character growth concept. People have limited time, and you have to become emotionally connected to a character to come back the next week and the week after. Especially, if the show is going to be out of production for weeks at a time, it’s going to take a lot to get me back into it after I haven’t seen it for 6-8 weeks.
    Million Pieces–will never see why someone like Oprah didn’t catch on to this. The publishing company dropped the ball. But if you are Oprah, I’d think she’d have due investigation into who this guy was. Perhaps she was duped. But I find it hard to believe someone with her resources would just sit back and accept the story at face value.
    Love H2O! Always interesting.


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