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H2O #153: In Which We Discuss The Return of DOCTOR WHO


This week: the return of Doctor Who! As the tenth season of the revived series draws ever closer to our TV screens (and some cinema screens), we take a look at the upcoming teases and possible spoilers. Not only is this Steven Moffat’s last year as showrunner, but it’s also Peter Capaldi’s last season, and it looks as if Pearl Mackie may be a companion for only one season. Will Chris Chibnall do away with just about everything? Or is this a plan to give him a clean slate for the next season and the next Doctor?

Plus: what’s this we hear about John Simm returning as the Master? Along with Michelle Gomez as Missy? Could Derek Jacoby and Eric Roberts be waiting in the wings?

[audioplayer file=”http://www.podcasts.com/download/scifi4me-radio-h2o-1c319f2fd/H2O-153-In-Which-We-Discuss-The-Return-of-DOCTOR-WHO-465e” titles=”H2O #153: In Which We Discuss The Return of DOCTOR WHO” artists=”SciFi4Me Radio” track=”d8b94d”]

Programming note: H2O is now on a bi-weekly schedule, so every other Saturday is when you’ll get a new episode.

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