Gabe Newell: We Want EA back on Steam

For many years Steam has been the number one choice in down loadable games for PC. With their large selection of games and many great new features Steam has risen to the top. Now Steam has a new competitor and it’s name is Origin. To help Origin stand a chance against Steam, EA is no longer allowing the distribution of their games on Steam. It will be interesting to see if these games will bring players to Origin for their exclusive titles.

In an interview on the situation with Gabe Newell (CEO of Valve Software) had this to say:

Gebe Newell: “We have to prove we are creating value on an ongoing basis, whether it’s to EA or Ubisoft or whoever.”

Game companies have to “earn the right” to install their content on their customer’s PCs, Newell explained, and Valve has to do the essentially the same thing with game publishers by demonstrating the value of selling their games on Steam.

“We want EA’s games on Steam and we have to show them that’s a smart thing to do,” he said. “I think at the end of the day we’re going to prove to Electronic Arts they have happier customers, a higher quality service, and will make more money if they have their titles on Steam. It’s our duty to demonstrate that to them. We don’t have a natural right to publish their games.”

[Full Article at The Escapist]

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