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It’s Your Friendly Neighborhood LEVEL ELEVENTY-SEVEN #120

Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

Screenplay by Jonathan Goldstein & John Francis Daley
and Jon Watts & Christopher Ford
Chris McKenna & Erik Sommers
Screen story by J
onathan Goldstein & John Francis Daley
Based on the Marvel comic book by Stan Lee & Steve Ditko
Directed by Jon Watts

Spider-Man. Spider-Man. Does whatever a spider can. Including net Sony’s second best opening weekend box office.

In this episode of Level Eleventy-Seven, we talk about the webhead’s eagerly anticipated solo outing (Iron Man notwithstanding). From the mechanical web shooters to hot Aunt May to Happy Hogan’s attitude to Michael Keaton’s Vulture, we touch on a lot of things. And yes, we do get into some spoilers, so fair warning. Go see it first.

You’ll be glad you did.

[audioplayer file=”http://www.podcasts.com/download/scifi4me-radio-level-eleventy-seven-9140a44b9/Its-Your-Friendly-Neighborhood-LEVEL-ELEVENTY-SEVEN-120-279d” titles=”It’s Your Friendly Neighborhood LEVEL ELEVENTY-SEVEN #120″ artists=”SciFi4Me Radio” track=”7B7B7B” text=”ffffff”]

The panel: Mindy Inlow, Teresa Wickersham, Sam Sentman, Jeff Hackworth


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