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Season 2, episode 3: “All Out of Blood”

Dustin and Molly continue their Being Human coverage for all of you humans out there. Josh and Nora wolf out in solitary confinement. Sally’s still being chased by that ooky monster & wants a new life. Aidan is in for a surprise with the identity of his new girlfriend. Next week we premiere our “Sally” doll for Scene of the Week. Can’t wait!


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Molly Montgomery

Molly Montgomery was introduced to genre film by her dad as a kid -- if it was "Forbidden Planet" or Tod Browning's "Freaks", she can't remember which was first. She began her love affair with Vampires at age 11, and at age 12 she stopped sunbathing. A background in theater, filmmaking and sitting on her tush makes her a fairly knowledgeable nerd.

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