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DRACULA: Bloodbath and Beyond


Episode 109 “Four Roses”


Previously on Dracula, Davenport was killed by Jonathan. Lucy had sex with Jonathan to get back at Mina. Jonathan was instructed to help The Order of the Dragon. And Lady Jayne learned Dracula was in town.

Now that we’re caught up, let’s dig in!


Dracula is going after The Order for Mina’s attack. Renfield tells him what’s up and there’s a lot of exposition. Dracula is enraged and he’s gonna bring death to the The Order’s door. Van Helsing tells Renfield that his deal with Dracula is broken.

Browning tells Lady Jayne his kids were kidnapped and he thinks Grayson is behind it. He posits that Grayson might be Dracula and has used some kind of “sorcery” to be able to walk in daylight. She says that’s impossible. He’s still not convinced. She’s clearly still jonesin’ for that Dracula/Grayson love.

Lucy wakes up with a guilt-ridden Jonathan at her bedside. He gets dressed and leaves her like the ass he is. There’s no turning back for this character. He is bad now. Yet still not very interesting. Kinda looks constipated too.

Browning has the inspector search Carfax Manor for his children. Grayson says they aren’t there. Renfield suggests Van Helsing is responsible for the abduction to Dracula, but Dracula expresses doubt. Renfield informs him of Van Helsing’s change of heart and also says he thought it “prudent to inform him of [Dracula’s] plan to directly engage The Order.” Dracula exerts his authority on the matter and Renfield apologizes for “overstepping [his] bounds.”

Lucy’s mother asks Lucy what’s going on and she explains her love for Mina. Meanwhile, Jonathan accepts Browning’s offer in exchange for information about Mina’s attack. Browning reveals Davenport wasn’t sanctioned by the Order and that Jonathan won’t be punished for killing him. “Welcome to The Order of the Dragon,” says Browning.  Thus, with a handshake, Harker’s transformation is complete. His first task is to bring them the blueprints of Grayson’s resonator. Of course, Renfield discovers him in the room, telling him to send Grayson and his regards to Mina. Jonathan leaves with the blueprints like the traitor he is.

Dracula meets with Van Helsing and questions him about the kidnapping. He explains that if his plan fails, Abraham will “have a very, very bad day.” And I think he means it. Cut to Van Helsing looking in on the children he abducted, readying himself to inflict the same pain he endured on the man who inflicted it onto him. But luckily, Abraham is no monster and gives up on that idea right away.

Dracula/Grayson meets Rothcroft at a billiards hall, bringing some friends along for a snack, sporting his true accent as he taunts him. When Rothcroft asks if he is American, Dracula bares his fangs and lets his vampire minions dig in. It’s good to be King.

Pool’s not really for me. I need something I can really sink my teeth into.

On to Mina, who’s still resting up at the hospital after her attack. Dracula/Grayson is at her bedside. He hands her a rose. She knows that he saved her. He tries to deny it but she doesn’t believe him. He says he has to go and she implores him to stay. He says he doesn’t want to but leaves anyway. Wow. Her bed is small and sad just like their relationship.

Lady Jayne brings a man with a face tattoo along to the billiards hall and shows him the aftermath of Dracula’s attack. Browning tells the inspector his kids are safe with their aunt and talks to Lady Jayne in private. She introduces face tattoo to Browning and says he’s Kaha Ruma, a Maori warrior, one of the leading huntsman. Browning says he’s “summoned” a new seer, Loiza Scaverra and has Cardinal Valachi to lend them the sanguinem sanctorum which is evidently a “sacred relic”, according to Ruma. Browning concedes that Grayson isn’t Dracula but should still be dealt with. She agrees.

Well, this sucks.
Never mind all the blood and dead bodies. Let’s find your children.

Lucy visits Mina and sits on her hand. That’s hot. She then does the stupidest thing and tells her Jonathan and she had sex. Mina turns her away. Lucy, what is wrong with you? Oy. Poor girl.

Back to Jonathan who is being initiated into the Order. He pledges his allegiance to them and bleeds for them, a look of consternation on his new stone face.

Ransom note time! Van Helsing makes a ransom note using newspaper clippings asking for “50,000 pounds or the children will die.” Meanwhile, Dracula brags about slaughtering the Council to Renfield and suggests attacking during the day. When Renfield explains how bad an idea that is, Van Helsing joins them, in agreement with him. Kowalski comes in awkwardly bringing news that the quarantine was removed and they can now conduct the demonstration. Dracula tells Abraham to come to it. I love how he’s calling him Abraham now. They’re closer. The bromance lives!

Jonathan tells Browning about the removal of the quarantine and figures out that Browning arranged it. He then warns him of Grayson’s tenaciousness and Browning takes that into consideration. Then he says he plans on making a “catastrophe” of the demonstration.

Jonathan finds Mina in his home. She asks where he’s been and he stammers. She asks why he schtupped Lucy. He does the macho thing by blaming Lucy for the betrayal and she does the feminine thing by calling him a “pig” and asking why he did it. He says it was because she loves Grayson. I lost interest 2 seconds in. Anyway, Mina leaves and sees a reflection of her doppelgänger in a puddle, promptly fainting like the delicate thing she is.

Then Dracula visits her at the hospital again and she tells him she left and that she hates hospitals. He, amusingly, states that that will make being a doctor difficult. She asks what’s going on between them and he tells her about Llona. She says she’s dreamt of her since she was a child and talks about the vision in the puddle. Then, she flat-out asks if he loves her and he reveals to her that he has a debt to Llona he must focus on at the moment.  “Besides,” he says, “you love Harker.” She explains that she’s done with Harker because of his and Lucy’s betrayal. He tries to comfort her but she requests some time alone.

We end with poor Lucy vulnerable in a bathtub. Dracula says hello, sneaking up on her from behind. No. No sex this time. He says if she “insist[s] on behaving like a monster, then [he’s] going to make her one”  and then he turns her into a vampire. So long, weak human Lucy! You won’t be missed.

Now, that was a bloody good episode.

Well, that’s it, guys! A pretty big episode this time with pieces falling into place for the Grand Finale. How do you think Vampire Lucy will be next episode?  Will she be more seductive and sexual or will she be a serial killer or both? Let me know what you think in the comments.

There’s only one more episode left this season and it looks like it’ll be a doozy. So as always, until then…BITE ME.


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