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BEING HUMAN: A Peek at the Endtrails

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Season End Preview/Interview with Meaghan Rath & Amy Aquino


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We’re sliding into home of Being Human season three; feeling anxious, excited, and preemptively bummed out, like I am? Doling out a spoonful of sugar with the medicine, our friends at SyFy invited the geek press to talk with Meaghan Rath (Sally) and Amy Aquino (Donna) about the season so far and what’s ahead.

In terms of where the season has been so far, Meaghan pointed out that the main theme of this particular season is to be careful what you wish for, because the life you think you want comes at a big price. And like Sam Witwer at the beginning of the season (see Season 3 preview), Meaghan indicated these are characters that aren’t destined for happiness; this season carries forth that sad destiny, as well.

For Sally in particular, we’ve seen her character grow a great deal over the course of the season, and that evolution has been due in no small part to her innie fashionista becoming an outie. Given how sick Meahan and fans alike were of the old grey sweater and yoga pants (I admit, I miss it from time to time), Meaghan reveled developing Sally further through fashion, something that Meaghan says she does personally. Meaghan collaborated with the costume designers on the show; they used guy clothes, thrift shop clothes, and other unusual pieces, and Meaghan styled the outfits as she wanted. Particularly winning outfits in my mind include her summer dress when she visited Bridget at the workplace (loved the leaf earrings!), the thigh highs and zigzag skirt when burying Nick, and most recently, the Dijon mustard yellow sweater combo to visit Ilana (or is it more of a goldenrod? Who cares, the color is beautiful because it’s unusual). Ok, for those of you rolling your eyes and/or drooling from boredom, I return you to your regularly scheduled program.

Meaghan also provided us with her perspective on the now famous (in my mind) scene in which Sally bullies Aidan in the kitchen with her theory on his fugues (see interview with Sam Witwer and Meaghan Rath about this scene). Meaghan corrected my misunderstanding that the scene contained a lot of ad libbing; apparently, she used the lines given, but turned the scene into sexual harassment scenario, which was not the original intent of the writers. And wow, what a great scene it was! Meaghan felt that the scene reflects the way Sam and she are in real life, and lucky for us, the whole production team gives these amazingly talented actors the creative freedom to put a little of themselves into their roles.

When Meaghan and Amy were asked about the weirdest/coolest things they got to do this season, Amy mentioned eating sawdust off the floor (ewww, Trent flakes!) and transforming into a two hundred year old woman, which we can look forward to seeing in the next episode or two. For Meaghan, her coolest/weirdest thing was the unusual food, including eleven waffles (which she threw up), a mouse (which scratched her face and pooped on her), and of course, a chunk of Aidan/Sam.  Hopefully, he behaved better than the mouse (see interview with Sam Witwer and Meaghan Rath about that scene).

So what can we look forward to in the upcoming episodes, in addition to two-hundred-year-old Donna? Apparently, we get a little more back story on her character; I wonder whether this makes her a more clearly evil witch, or if it makes her a more sympathetic and nuanced character. For Sally, everything comes to a head as she allows herself to die and faces Donna. Meaghan reports that the big showdown that we all know is coming involves more people than you think. So who do we think? Liam, Donna and Ray are gimmes. Can we hope to see Zoe, Nick and Stevie play a part? If restless spirits get involved, what about the underwear twins, or Brynn and Connor, or even Pete? It all depends on how the writers decide to add or alter rules about the supernatural world. The only thing we think we know for sure is the season with a cliffhanger. First of all, come on, it’s Being Human. Secondly, Meaghan and Amy strongly implied there’s a cliffhanger, so I think the odds are ever in our favor.

The next steps for these two commanding actresses in real life are as interesting as that of their characters. Ms. Aquino is shooting a couple of episodes of Glee, and her latest movie In Security is currently in post-production.

Meaghan is executive producing and starring in a film called White Buffalo; this indie film also stars Sam Huntington (Josh), and was written and directed by Pat Kiely (Nick). This film is also in post-production. In the movie, Meaghan and Sam play a married couple. Meaghan states this particular movie-making experience grew her as an actor. If you’ve ever seen Meaghan and Sam interviewed together, you get a sense of the goofy, sibling-like camaraderie between these guys. White Buffalo contains a three minute sex scene with no cuts; can you imagine having to get down and dirty with the guy you want to punch in the arm on a daily basis? Ah, show biz! I admit, I’m intrigued, and look forward to giving this film a view, if for no other reason than to let these two convince me they are completely different people.

Check back in with us in the upcoming days as we track the ending of this incredibly well-done show. Let the accursed countdown begin!


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