Zombpocalypse Now: #TeamZombie On FearTWD’s “Captive”


With Fear the Walking Dead back on Sunday nights, #TeamZombie continues its new Zombpocalypse Now podcast, where Mr. Harvey and Mr. Adair talk things undead like, perhaps, Fear the Walking Dead itself.

Season 2, Episode 5 “Captive”
Written by: Carla Ching
Directed by Craig Zisk

Timothy: It’s just us again this week.

Dustin: Yes, the others have escaped. I begged them to take me with them, but they laughed, evilly. Evilly I tell you.

Timothy: Ah, no… Anne-Marie went back to New Orleans, and Curtis is covering a co-workers shift tonight, otherwise he would be here.

Dustin: They laughed evilly and said I had to stay behind and watch this show to atone for my sins. My terrible, terrible sins.

Timothy: Uh huh. Anyway, Dustin and I are back to talk the latest episode of Fear the Walking Dead as we build up to the season finale, and we hopefully will entertain you, just a bit. And probably pay for our sins… just a little bit. Take a listen.

[su_audio url=”http://www.podcasts.com/download/zombpocalypse-now-a79ac0f68/Zombpocalypse-Now-TeamZombie-On-FearTWDs-Captive-58de”]


Fear the Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 8/7c on AMC.


Timothy Harvey

Timothy Harvey is a Kansas City based writer, director, actor and editor, with something of a passion for film noir movies. He was the art director for the horror films American Maniacs, Blood of Me, and the pilot for the science fiction series Paradox City. His own short films include the Noir Trilogy, 9 1/2 Years, The Statement of Randolph Carter - adapted for the screen by Jason Hunt - and the music video for IAMEVE’s Temptress. He’s a former President and board member for the Independent Filmmakers Coalition of Kansas City, and has served on the board of Film Society KC.

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