Universal Announces Release Date for JURASSIC WORLD 2


Universal announced June 22, 2018 as the release for Jurassic World 2. 

Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard will return for the second film. Steven Spielberg will be an executive producer and Frank Marshall a producer. Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connelly will be back to write the script. Trevorrow and Connelly rewrote Jurassic World after a first draft by Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver wasn’t working, and had to fight the Writers Guild of America for credit.

Jurassic World is one of the largest grossing films that Universal has ever seen. Variety reports that it has surpassed Avengers as the third largest grossing film of all time at $1.52 billion.

No word yet on who will be directing the sequel.

This news follows the announcement that Trevorrow has been hired to direct Star Wars: Episode IX.



Alley Ulrich

Alley Ulrich is a student at the University of Kansas majoring in Film and Media Studies and History. She likes reading, looking at pictures of rabbits, and the color blue. Fell in love with science fiction after watching PACIFIC RIM.

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