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The Geekly with a Twist: February 3rd-9th

Soooo…the groundhog saw his shadow.  Well, if winter is going anything like what I have here, it’s almost time to say winter is NOT coming.  So!  Without stalling, onward with the history!

February 3rd, 1966: The Soviet Union’s Luna IX becomes the first rocket-assisted controlled landing on the moon.

February 4th, 1940: The Godfather of All Zombies and king of the zombie-flick world, George A. Romero, is born in New York City.

February 5th, 1948: A man known best amongst the geek community for being the man who killed Inigo Montoya’s father, comedian/screenwriter/actor/etc. Christopher Guest is born in New York City.

February 5th, 1953: Disney’s “Peter Pan” officially opened in theaters.

February 7th, 1977: Soyuz 24 launches on the last mission to the Salyut 5 space staiton.

February 7th, 1984: Bruce McCandless II makes the first untethered space walk.

February 8th, 1828: Science fiction pioneer Jules Verne is born in Nantes, France.

Image Courtesy Adult Swim

February 8th, 1974: One of the creators and producers of Robot Chicken and geek extraordinaire, Seth Green is born in Philadelphia.

February 9th, 1971: Apollo 14 returns to Earth with a splashdown in the South Pacific.

And, of course, we’ve gotta get a bit of a Twist going if we’re getting 6 more weeks of winter.  So, in honor of the boy who will never grow up, how about a bit more of a grown-up Peter Pan?

  • 1 oz dry gin
  • 1 oz French vermouth
  • 1 oz orange juice
  • 1 oz peach bitters

Mix in a shaker with ice and serve in a cocktail glass with an orange slice for garnish!

And, speaking of Garnish, why don’t we finish this Geekly up with a good (maybe slightly NSFW) laugh?  Team Unicorn, ftw!


So until next week, this geeky girl leaves you with one reminder: geek on!

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