SON OF ZORN Arrives At the (Season? Series?) Finale

SON OF ZORN arrives at the end of its season…or is it the series? Zorn has decided to stay in the OC, but will other forces take him away? Will Alan get Layla back? What will become of our cast in “All Hail Son of Zorn”!

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Recap: SON OF ZORN Welcomes the Return of The Drinking Buddy

Zorn welcomes his old drinking buddy for a visit. But his friend has changed. Can Zorn deal with the new improved Headbutt Man or will he drive his friend back to his old ways?

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Recap: SON OF ZORN brings us to The Battle of Thanksgiving

Can Zorn fit in during the family holiday? Will he prevail over his biggest foe, his ex-Mother-in-law? Or will this holiday turn out to be a turkey?

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