Norman Can’t Cut THE CORD in BATES MOTEL Series Finale

On the series finale of BATES MOTEL, Norman takes a stand against skyrocketing cable bills and cuts “The Cord.” Just Kidding!

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HIDDEN Cars, Homemade Cakes and a Nervous Norman on BATES MOTEL

Max Theriot (Dylan) goes behind the camera as director for this episode of BATES MOTEL. Norman’s secrets are still safe, but like Jim Blackwell’s Lincoln, they’re not very well “Hidden.”

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A Little BAD BLOOD and a Lot of Mind Games on BATES MOTEL

Chick Hogan, wanna-be true crime novelist, may be in danger of outsmarting himself on the latest BATES MOTEL, which features a bit of outlaw Romero, a sad ending (?) for Caleb, and lots of Chick Hogan mind games.

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Norman and Mother Live La Vie en Rose on BATES MOTEL

While The Convergence of the Twain isn’t quite the epic clash of iceberg and Titanic described in Hardy’s poem, it does set several characters on the path towards inevitable conflict with Norman and Mother.

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Imaginary Mothers Never Let You Down on BATES MOTEL

BATES MOTEL begins its final season with Norman and Norma in a “Dark Paradise”, Romero in prison, and Dylan, Emma and their baby (!) safe in Seattle. How long with this happy state of affairs last?

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BATES MOTEL Creates New Path to PSYCHO in Final Season

BATES MOTEL begins its fifth and final season with “Mother” – on ice and in Norman’s mind – driving events down new roads to a preordained conclusion.

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