VISITING HOURS at BATES MOTEL – Emma Says Goodbye, Romero Says Hello

With one more episode to go, BATES MOTEL sets the endgame in motion with “Visiting Hours.” Emma says goodbye to Norman and Romero says hello.

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THE BODY (of Evidence) Points to Norman on BATES MOTEL

BATES MOTEL moves beyond the ending of Psycho with “The Body,” but Norman may end up as he did in that film – losing his identity as Mother takes over.

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Mother and Norman – INSEPARABLE Partners in Crime on BATES MOTEL

Norman and Mother are truly two sides of the same coin in “Inseparable,” despite Dylan’s best efforts to save his brother. Will Dylan make it out of Bates Motel alive?

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HIDDEN Cars, Homemade Cakes and a Nervous Norman on BATES MOTEL

Max Theriot (Dylan) goes behind the camera as director for this episode of BATES MOTEL. Norman’s secrets are still safe, but like Jim Blackwell’s Lincoln, they’re not very well “Hidden.”

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