REVOLUTION Episode 11 review: ‘The Stand’

After a lengthy and potentially amnesia-inducing four-month hiatus, NBC’s Revolution returned to television screens last night with “The Stand.” The long-awaited second half of the season started off with a real bang, and interestingly, contained far less whimpering than past episodes. But does it really deliver?

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REVOLUTION Episode 10 review: ‘Nobody's Fault But Mine’

So this was supposed to be the big mid-season sendoff, where all of those dangling plot threads would get tied up, families would be reunited, and good would finally come face to face with bad in a slam bang cliffhanger ending designed to keep viewers on the edge of their seats panting for the series to return in March. Yeah, not so much of the cliffhanger thing going on here. But I’m willing to give them points for trying.

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Giving REVOLUTION ‘No Quarter’

When one of Monroe’s captains Jeremy (the wonderful Mark Pellegrino) lays siege to the rebel hideout where Miles and Charlie and the group are hiding, it forces Miles to reveal that old friendship and admit that he was once a prominent general in the Monroe Militia – the very enemy against which the rebels are fighting.

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