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SUPERNATURAL The Year of Deanmon Begins


Episode 10.1 “Black”

[Photos: Katie Yu/The CW]

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I’ve been a fan of Supernatural for some time, having fallen prey to its availability on Netlfix a while back. I binge-watched the whole series and now here I sit, writing recaps for the 10th season. Let’s get started shall we?

So begins the year of the “Deanmon”, I say. And I have high hopes for this season. With a reveal of what seems to be a new antagonist, and the hope of introducing some new supporting characters now that Garth, Kevin and probably Charlie are out of the question. Season ten might just be starting a new era and direction for the show, at least that’s my hope, because it might mean avoiding the dreaded future 2014 we saw in “The End”.

With Metatron locked away and Heaven under control (?), Abaddon dead, and only a few lost lone followers of hers left, we are left with little room for adversity. Despite what Sam might say, I feel like it is inevitable that once again getting rid of Crowley will be put on the back burner in favor of whatever they will be throwing at us this year. The question is: just what will they be throwing at us? I don’t know if it’s really a good idea to assume right away this guy with a vendetta against Dean is going to be our season long bad guy. But it’s not impossible. But if so, who the heck is this guy?

Obviously, he doesn’t think very highly of the Winchesters, especially Dean. And obviously he’s been preparing to get his hands on Dean for a very long time. But, I can’t really imagine who he would be. Whatever offense he was given has to be recent, as there have been times when the faces of our heroes have been out in the public before and Cole hasn’t gone after them before now. So it must be something that’s happened in the last couple of seasons, something I hope will be explained soon.

Speaking of Dean, boy is he taking a howl! Seeing Dean Winchester drunkenly sing “I’m Too Sexy” wasn’t really something I expected to see from demon Dean. Although I do prefer it to a murderous rampaging Deamon Dean. He reminds me a lot of soulless Sam right now, in that he doesn’t really care what’s happening. To me it seems he really is dead. Whatever is animating him right now is primal. Focused on food, drink, and pleasure. Although some might argue, that’s all Dean cared about before. Which isn’t true. We all know he cared about the family motto. Saving people and hunting things, and he cares about his family. Losing that would mean losing Dean.


As far as Sam goes, I’m just glad he is making an effort to find Dean this time. Not taking in another dog. I’d like to think that maybe that will come into play when the brothers meet again. This time, Sam actually wants to find his brother. A vast difference from the last time they were parted. I like also that when he found out there was some sign of Dean, the first person he called was Castiel. Although I don’t like the fact that Sam isn’t helping Cas or giving him a place to stay; at least they’re still in contact, and Sam thinks of Cas when he thinks he’s found Dean.

You’ll find that I have a lot of love for Cas. A lot. He’s been my darling since he came into the story, and so you can imagine how excited I was to see him in this episode. And how upset I am about the state he’s in. First, why isn’t he in the bunker? He’s more than earned the right to stay with the Winchesters by now. He’s been through so much, and now he’s sick as a dog and having to continually deal with angels coming to bother him. Honestly, I can’t see any good reason he went with Hannah when she showed up to get his help in dealing with two rebellious angels.

He should have just told her he wasn’t up to it. I think at this point Heaven should be left alone. They cause enough trouble themselves without Winchester involvement. On top of everything else, Cas being as sick as he is will only lead to trouble. He can’t handle that much confrontation. And why in the world doesn’t Cas have his grace back? With Metatron taken care of, shouldn’t it have been returned? This can’t really end well for Cas unless he finds his grace. But seeing as how Sam wants to keep him at arms length, and Dean is psycho, there isn’t anyone to help him. If only Bobby were there to kick some sense into them. I’m generally just glad that the boys aren’t really fighting. Dean isn’t himself, so I can’t demerit him for being a demon. Sam is doing his best, and Cas is still somewhat involved.


I think Supernatural has a ways to go yet before jumping the shark. There is a lot more story to be told, and those who considered the show past its prime will get their comeuppance. And it makes me so happy. This episode really brought up some questions for me, and really made me wonder what is to come for season ten. Will Sam be able to save Dean? Will Dean realize he needs his family more than the howling? Will Cas find his grace in time to survive?

I want to know more, because I’ve missed my boys a whole lot.

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