SUPERNATURAL Looks for a Lost Dog

Season 12, Episode 15 “Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell”
Written by Davy Perez
Directed by Nina Lopez-Corrado

Another good episode, but one where the plot is dependent on making some stupid mistakes. One of the stupid mistakes makes sense because the people making it are not the brightest, but the other is just an oversight.

But the first event I want to mention is the shout out to The Walking Dead. Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) come in from a series of kills — ghouls and sirens and wraiths — and Dean throws a baseball bat covered with barbed wire on the table, saying “Dad would have loved this thing.” When the scene is over they focus on the bat so you can see that it looks just like Lucille. What we need now is for Negan to mention his long lost sons or his old Impala or something like that!

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There’s a young couple camping in the woods. They are sweet and adorable and he’s planning to ask her to marry him, and she finds the ring before he gets a chance, and by this we know they are going to die. He goes for firewood and is attacked. I think at first it’s a werewolf, but we can’t see it and by that we know it’s a hellhound. Only it doesn’t act like a hellhound. It doesn’t drag the young man to Hell, and it goes after the girl, who wounds it with an ax.

Are you sure you haven’t made any deals with the devil? He’s done it, and she’s done it. We’ve all done it. (Bettina Strauss/The CW )

Sam and Dean find out that neither the girl, Gwen (Angelique Rivera) nor the guy, Marcus (Connor Paton), appear to have made any deals with the devil. They call Crowley (Mark Sheppard) to find out if any of his hounds are missing. Crowley asks his flunkies and yes, one of his hounds is gone. He shows up immediately. He says it looks bad if one of his hounds are loose, but the truth is that he is much happier hunting something with the Winchesters than he is dealing with all the petty legal decisions in Hell, such as whether two demons had an even split of babies to eat. The hound is THE hound, the mother of all hounds, and quite intractable.

In the meantime, Cas (Misha Collins) tracks down the incident where Dagon kills the angels trying to kill Kelly. The owner of the cafe is a big UFO nut, which is amusing. He seems to think Cas is Mulder. So Cas now knows Dagon has Kelly under her protection. Castiel runs into someone he knows and is persuaded by the angel to talk to Joshua, who can get him back into Heaven. What do you want to bet it’s a trap?

Two of Crowley’s lieutenants find where Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) is hidden. They are the ones who let the hellhound loose to distract Crowley. Lucifer has something like a bridle on. At least there’s a bit between his teeth. He is chained to a chair. Crowley’s guys have the key. One of them wants something in return from Lucifer. The other one just wants to worship Lucifer. These two are the ones who are abysmally stupid, and they pay for it, because Lucifer destroys them both with a snap of his fingers.

Getting the reward they deserve. (Dean Buscher/The CW)

Sam, Gwen, Crowley and Dean end up in the woods with the Impala. The boys have special glasses to see the hellhound. I assume Crowley doesn’t need any. They both look good in glasses. The plan is to leave Dean and Crowley in the woods. Sam is to take Gwen to safety in the car. Dean fusses about Sam driving her, and by that we know that something is going to happen to the Impala.

I don’t understand this plan. If the hellhound is angry with her because she hit it with an ax, she’s the bait. And they are driving the bait away. Hellhounds hunt down specific people anywhere on Earth and drag them to Hell. Whether they do it by magical means or just have the best dog noses ever, they don’t seem to be constrained by space or normal means of travel.

And that is exactly what happens. Dean and Crowley find an empty den, complete with meal to eat later. It gives them a chance to have a nice walk in the woods and hash out their differences.

Sam has to pull over to let his passenger throw up. She confesses to him that she was going to break up with her boyfriend but went camping instead. She feels guilty because he would be alive if she had been honest with him. Sam listens to her and is reassuring but the hellhound catches up with them before he gets the car started again. She lands on the roof, caving it in. She tries to get through the windshield. Sam confidently gets out of the Impala. He’s carrying an angel blade, which can kill hellhounds. He gets pinned to the ground immediately. It doesn’t look good for him but Gwen smacks the invisible hound with a cooler and he gets up and stabs her with the angel blade.

I like Gwen. She may be an emotional coward and unable to handle her romantic affairs, but she has guts when faced with danger.

Dean gives Sam grief about the state of the car, of course.

When they get back home, Sam gets a call from Mick, whose name is Frodo on his phone. Sam confesses to Dean that the jobs that they have been getting are from the British Men of Letters and not some computer program he said he invented. Dean takes it pretty well. He acknowledges that he might be hypocritical since they just called in the King of Hell on a case. I wish his family would quit lying to him because doesn’t deserve that.

Sam gives Mick and his guys credit for the alpha vampire’s death again, which is not true! The Winchesters did that!

You thought you’d gotten free, didn’t you? (Dean Buscher/The CW)

Crowley comes back to find Lucifer unchained. He doesn’t seem to be worried about it. In fact when Lucifer confronts him he bats him around a bit and sends him back to his room. He says the vessel, which was heavily modified, IS his real cage. Crowley gets the most points for being clever, careful and coordinated while doing a foolish thing. He is only keeping Lucifer to torture him because Lucifer humiliated him. He has no reason to take that kind of risk.

I’m relieved that Crowley and Dean have made up over their sending Gavin back in time to suffer the fate he had originally suffered, if only because Crowley makes a better friend than an enemy. With the blows he’s suffered lately he’s likely to go to the dark side. Well, darker side. A really bitter dark rather than the milk chocolate dark he’s been for the last few seasons. The way he’s treating Lucifer now shows how vengeful he can be.

To top it all off, Gwen gives Crowley a big hug and Sam says thank you! Yes please, let’s treat Crowley like a person.


Supernatural will be back on March 30th, 8 pm/7c, with an episode titled “Ladies Drink Free”.


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