STITCHERS: The Truth is Slowly Unfolding



S1E6 “Finally”

The team is out to solve the case of a woman named Dani Fox, and Kirsten finds out more about the death of Ed Clark.


This week’s episode starts with Marta’s funeral. Kirsten has a flashback to when she was younger, and she was at her mother’s funeral. Kirsten’s mother died in a car accident when she was eight, and that is when Kirsten developed temporal dysplasia.

Back at Kirsten and Camille’s house, Kirsten is listening to Ed’s tape and hears tones and doesn’t know what it is. Kirsten takes the tape to Linus to decode it and find out if it means anything.

At the lab the team has a new victim, Dani Fox. She died in car crash, and Kirsten questions Maggie about who is chosen to be stitched. Maggie says that she doesn’t know, and doesn’t question it.

When Kirsten stitches into Dani, she finds out that Dani was doing high profile research with a man named Sebastian Zuber. She also sees Dani’s roommate and sister Nicole. Dani never let her sister see her laptop, or anything she was working on. Dani was very secretive about what she was researching and dedicated to her work.

STITCHERS -  “Finally” - Kirsten goes above and beyond to solve the mystery of a brain researcher's death in an all-new episode of "Stitchers," airing Tuesday, July 7, 2015 at 9:00PM ET/PT on ABC Family. The Stitchers team investigates a mysterious car accident that resulted in the death of a traumatic brain injury researcher. Meanwhile, Kirsten asks Linus for help deciphering a clue left by Ed Clark as she continues to question Maggie for more information on the origin of the Stitchers program. (ABC Family/Tony Rivetti) EMMA ISHTA, SIMON QUARTERMAN

Camille finds out that Dani’s car accident was not an accident, and was remote controlled from somewhere else. Kirsten and Cameron work together at his apartment, and someone knocks on the door. It is Janice, the girl who Cameron’s neighbor was spying on, and she’s angry with him for lying to her. She slaps him, twice, and then storms out when Camille and Linus arrive.

Kirsten and Cameron go to Dani’s house and talk to her sister. Dani kept many secrets from Nicole, and Nicole is upset because Dani never seemed to care about her or pay attention to her.

Kirsten and Cameron go to the research lab, and talk to one of Dani’s research partners, George. He tells them to leave, but they run into Dr. Zuber. Kirsten lies and says that Dani said she could help her with her condition, and Dr. Zuber takes them to his office. They have a consultation, and Kirsten agrees to come in for a session.

The lab gets them a surveillance van, and Kirsten goes into the lab wearing a wire. Dr. Zuber puts Kirsten on a machine to help her access the memories she lost. Kirsten says she is beginning to remember. She sees doctors and therapists because she had trouble accessing her emotions and connecting with people. Her father drank a lot and told her that she hated her, and her mother crashed her car on purpose.


The team inside the van is hearing everything she is saying, and Camille starts to cry. Kirsten stops the session, and Dr. Zuber wants her to come back. Kirsten comes back to the van, and tells them she was lying. The machine doesn’t work.

Maggie is angry with Kirsten for putting herself in danger, and Kirsten confronts Maggie about the program. When Kirsten leaves, Maggie calls Les Turner.

At Cameron’s apartment, they find out that Dr. Zuber has been lying about the results to get grant money, and Zuber and Dani fought about it. Someone knocks on the door again, and it’s Janice. She apologizes to Cameron, and wants to start over. He agrees, and she leaves.

The team goes back to the lab at night to try and get Dani’s computer. Kirsten wears a wire again, and gets into Dani’s office. George interrupts her, and she convinces him to help her. He takes her to Dani’s computer, but then he attacks her. The team’s signal gets disconnected because they were told to move the van by a police officer, so they don’t know that she was attacked.

Dr. Zuber and George restrain her and hook her up to the machine, and they plan to fry her brain. Dr. Zuber admits to killing Dani.

The team is able to find where Kirsten’s cellphone is, and they save her before she is hurt. Kirsten sees herself connected to an electrode harness as a child when she is connected to the machine.


The police arrest Dr. Zuber, and Cameron and Kirsten go home.

Les Turner is in Kirsten’s house, and they talk about the program. He’s says that no one person knows everything about the program, and Ed Clark died while protecting her.

The next morning Linus tells Kirsten that the tones on the cassette player are map coordinates. They lead to her mother’s memorial, and Kirsten finds a key behind her mother’s picture.


We finally learned more about Ed Clark’s death, but still nothing notable about the program. It seems Clark has left Kirsten a series of clues, so he knew that he would be killed. Kirsten found a key inside her mother’s picture, and hopefully the goal of next week’s episode is to find out where it goes. However, due to experience, I have a feeling we won’t find out about it for another couple weeks.

Clark and Kirsten’s relationship was closer than Kirsten ever led on, and I’m curious about Clark’s wife. We know she existed because we saw her in a flashback, but no mention of her at all in any of the episodes. Did she have any involvement in the Stitchers Program or even know about it? We will have to wait and see if she’s even mentioned in the last few episodes.

Camille and Kirsten are becoming good friends, and they have typical roommate fights. It is refreshing to watch since the rest of the episodes are filled with so much drama.

Unfortunately, there was no Detective Fisher this week. He’s a great addition to the team since he is able to access police files and crime scenes, but hopefully that’s not his only job. He and Kirsten have yet to talk more about Ed Clark’s death, and I hope that they do with they new evidence that Kirsten has found.

Kirsten and Cameron are becoming close friends, and it seems that Cameron’s crush on her is fading away.

Which brings me to Cameron’s new love interest, Janice. A mysterious person spied on this girl from across the street – she didn’t even know if this person is a man or a woman or how old they are. The writers really didn’t take into consideration how creepy this was, and if they really wanted a romance between her and Cameron they could have done it completely different. The first thing Janice should have done was call the police, not ask to “start over” with Cameron.

The mysterious person who was spying on Kirsten has not been revealed, so maybe the writers are leaving that for the finale.

The dialogue in the episodes is becoming less cringe worthy, so kudos to the writers.

Nicknames this week:

Stretch (this is becoming more frequent)

Penny Priddy (a The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension reference)



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3 thoughts on “STITCHERS: The Truth is Slowly Unfolding

  • July 13, 2015 at 3:58 pm

    Thanks for the honest and interesting review. A few clarifications…

    The woman we saw with Ed and Young Kirsten was actually a housekeeper, not Ed’s wife. There was an extension of that scene that explained that, but it got cut in post production. I totally understand how her identity might be a source of confusion.

    Another source of confusion — the spy on the roof in episode #4 who is watching Kirsten is Marta! Again, a bit of explanation that never made it out of the editing room. I had hoped that it would be self-explanatory, but I can understand why it may not be.

    Now onto Janice…I have to agree with you. The whole voyeur thing was/is creepy. We were trying to find a way to keep Janice alive and I don’t think we found the most elegant solution.

    Finally, Fisher! He’s completely absent from episodes 6 & 7. In the upcoming episode (#7) Kirsten leaves a message for him saying that she knows that he’s on a special, agency-related assignment but she knows now that Ed was murdered and didn’t commit suicide and wants to tell him. Fisher returns (in a big way) in episode #8 and he remains active for the remainder of the episodes this season. The nature of his special assignment remains a mystery, even to Maggie, however the gravity of the assignment is keenly understood by everyone by the end of the season.

    Hope that helps!

    • July 14, 2015 at 1:07 am

      Jeff ~

      Thanks for the clarification on those points! Looking forward to Fisher’s return…

    • July 14, 2015 at 1:24 am

      Thanks for the clarification! I will keep those points in mind writing the next couple of recaps… I’m excited for the rest of the season!


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