SLEEPY HOLLOW: Tom Mison in theÒRagnarokÓ season finale episode of SLEEPY HOLLOW airing Friday, April 8 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Tina Rowden/FOX
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SLEEPY HOLLOW Leaves Sleepy Hollow


More series regulars will be missing in the fourth season of Sleepy Hollow. In addition to Nicole Beharie–whose character was killed off, Shannyn Sossamon–whose Pandora was defeated, and Zach Appelman–who turned into a wendigo and then was killed, Jessica Camacho and Lance Gross will be leaving. Camacho will make a few guest appearances as an FBI agent, but Gross, who played Abbie’s boss Daniel Reynolds, will not appear next season as reported by TVLine. Nikki Reed, who played Betsy Ross, mostly in flashbacks, will also not be returning.

SLEEPY HOLLOW: Jessica Camacho in the ÒSins of the FatherÓ episode of SLEEPY HOLLOW airing Friday, Feb. 26 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Tina Rowden/FOX
Goodbye, Sophie Foster Cr: Tina Rowden/FOX

Reynolds and Sophie Foster were FBI agents last season and the show is changing locations to Washington, DC, where Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) will be heading an X-Files type team, so it seems unnecessary to get rid of their characters. They’re already agents and both have been introduced to the world of the supernatural as it appears on Sleepy Hollow. Also, unlike most of the others, they survived season three.

Crane will have a new band of misfits to work with. According to this article on TVLine, he will have a deeply skeptical partner named Anna, who has an 11 year old daughter named Stella. Anna has not been cast yet, and there’s no word as to whether she is going to be the female relative that Abbie’s Witness soul goes to or even if they are going to go that route. There will also be a research analyst named Seth and a “female MacGyver” named Rosa. TVLine also reports that they are casting for a new male Big Bad. It all seems reminiscent of X-Files, but the addition of the extra characters makes me wonder if they are copying one of their more successful shows, Bones. Perhaps they were inspired by their own crossover event. Sleepy Hollow always relied on a historical squintiness. Experts on history, artifacts, and Crane’s personal memories of every odd or out of place event from the past were used to move the plot along and defeat the supernatural. It appears as if they want to introduce some science squints as well.

The headless horseman is long gone. Crane’s wife and child are gone. His partner in the spy business during the revolution is gone. Most importantly, his new friends are gone. The town itself will no longer be part of the plot. This is a complete makeover, not just the loss of one of the leads. And with the change in geography (although it will look the same, still being filmed in Atlanta) what will they call the series? It’s almost as if they killed off the title character but still kept calling the show by his name.

Sleepy Hollow 2.0 will return in early 2017.


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2 thoughts on “SLEEPY HOLLOW Leaves Sleepy Hollow

  • The entire thing is ridiculous. This show has no dignity left. It should’ve ended at S2 because S3 was pointless, insulting, and disgusting. Tom seems like a nice man and I know people talk about contracts and getting a check. But by staying with this show he is making a fool out of himself. He should’ve left with Nicole or demanded they treat her better so she could stay and THEY both end the show and characters they help create over 3 seasons the right way. As it stands he is looking just as foolish as the writers which is a shame because like I said Tom seems like a pretty good guy. As it stands without Nicole Beharie, and keeping the same terrible writers this show is irredeemable. Lets face it if Tom was enough on his own S2 would’ve been a huge success and it wasn’t. This show was a success because of Abbie and Crane together. However, Abbie was the one character that connected everyone else. She gave the show a level of humanity that we didn’t get with Ichabod. She also made the character of Ichabod a lot more than just what his fans focus on which is Tom’s looks. It’s sad the show turned out this way. Such a waste of talent and uniqueness rarely seen.

    • I agree that it’s a great waste of talent and uniqueness. What I would like to see is for Tom to get something brand new and suited to his talents. I would mourn Ichabod, but not Sleepy Hollow.


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