SciFi4Chicks: The "Women of SciFi4Me" Podcast

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is our podcast by the women of FOR women who love science fiction and fantasy… and all the men who love listening to women talk sci-fi!
     We talk about all sorts of shows, movies, books, and games etc… basically whatever strikes us as worthy of our sci-fi obsessions! And the episodes can have any or all of the women of the website participating, so we’ll have a lot of views.
     Our TV editions include Orphan Black (seasons 2 and 3), iZombie (season 1), Gotham (season 1), Sleepy Hollow (season 2),  and Being Human (US, final season).
     In our Loungecasts, we can discuss just about anything! We welcome comments and questions, and if one of our lady-listeners wants to join in on a future show, let us know! We’d LOVE to have you!
Contact us via e-mail or call (573) 42-SCIFI [573-427-3424]. And make sure to subscribe to SciFi4Chicks on iTunes or the podcast platform of your choice so you won’t miss a single episode! Click one of our sample episodes below to join the fun!





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