SciFi4Chicks On Loss: Firing Wonder Woman and the Death of Carrie Fisher


This month, the ladies of SciFi4Chicks discuss the recent fates of two iconic women: Wonder Woman and Carrie Fisher.

Nearly two months after being “hired” by the United Nations to help raise awareness of Goal 5, which seeks to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls, she is fired for “objectifying women” in her scantily clothing, basically being a pin-up girl. But let’s ignore why she is a good role model for women.

And speaking of role models for women, as the world mourns the loss of Carrie Fisher, what is the fate of the Star Wars films? Lucasfilms has made an official statement on the use of CGI, so how will they handle her death? We have theories and of course, many opinions.

The panel: Jen Wise, Mindy Inlow, Sonya Rodriguez, Ann Laabs



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