PARANOIA AGENT to Receive Western Blu-Ray Release

Cult classic anime Paranoia Agent is getting a fresh release from Funimation, both via Blu-Ray and in their streaming services. The cult classic psychological thriller, made by studio Madhouse and Satoshi Kon (Perfect Blue, Paprika), was first released in 2004, and aired on Adult Swim’s Toonami in 2005. The series was previously collected in DVD format, though said DVDs were scarce and difficult to find not long after its release. The lack of appearances on streaming websites further made the series hard to watch. Funimation’s release will be the first time the 13 episode series has ever been on Blu-Ray.

The series follows the people of an average suburban town, being terrorized by the actions of a young boy who goes by the name “Lil’ Slugger”. He wanders throughout the town with a golden, metal bat that he uses to assault others. As two detectives desperately try to uncover who this dangerous individual could be, mass panic ensues due to the ever-increasing body count this anonymous menace leaves in his wake. As the investigation continues, one of the detectives becomes convinced there’s a supernatural component to the attacks.

The series delves into political satire, mental health, the consequences of gossip, and even stands against those who claim that video games cause violence.

Funimation has not said when anime fans will be able to stream or purchase Paranoia Agent. They did say that it will be coming out later this year, and that you can buy a limited edition steelbook version of the show from their website. They have not said yet if the show will keep its original dub cast, or if it will be redubbed.

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