New HIGURASHI: WHEN THEY CRY Anime Reveals Returning Cast, Premieres in July

Kadokawa revealed more info about the highly anticipated Higurashi: When They Cry anime during their live stream, which unveiled a new trailer.

The trailer confirmed that most of the staff and voice actors that were in the original will return for this new project. The live stream also announced that the anime will receive a manga adaptation by Tomato Akase, someone who’s fairly new to the manga industry.

The cult classic anime adaptation of the horror game Higurashi: When They Cry first aired in 2006, with the sequel When They Cry II: Solutions, airing in 2007. The original game released in 2002, and the expansion, Higurashi: When They Cry Hou, released in 2014. The story follows a young man enjoying his new life in a secluded, rural Japanese town, just before an ancient and terrible curse afflicts him and his friends, trapping him in a seemingly inescapable time loop. The original game is a twist on usual visual novel tropes, as the author noticed that typical visual novels followed “happy, normal days” that were disrupted by something sad-the twist being, of course, that instead of something sad happening, something scary occurs instead.

The creators of the new show have not said when in July this anime will air.

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