Mr. Singleton says EXTERMINATION Needs Better Execution

EXTERMINATION #4 (Boom! Studios)
Written by Simon Spurrier
Art Jeffrey Edwards
SC, 32pgs, FC, SRP: $3.99
COVER A: John Cassaday
COVER B: Trevor Hairsine

Here lately we have been swarmed with Post Apocalyptic scenarios either with flesh eating zombies or the world being taken over by aliens. I am not saying that this swarm has been overrun and I am not saying I do not like it at all. What I am saying is this is a popular trend right now. It would seem that standing out would be hard to do.

Yes, it would seem so. Extermination is a series that has a twist to this Post Apocalyptic planet. This twist is an absolutely nice welcome in my eyes. What you have to understand is whether the good guys are fighting an un-welcomed zombie army going after every living thing in site or an alien invasion that looks un-winnable…we are all in it together because we all have something to win in the end, our lives.

Extermination teams  an alliance with super-heroes and super-villains. I can honestly see this as plausible. Imagine if you will, The Joker and Batman team up together to fight an alien invasion. Who would make a better team? Both the super-hero and super-villain know so much about each other, they must know a lot about each other, survival is a must and knowledge of the other person is key to survival.

I enjoy the conflict and heroism that goes into this story. Knowing that you have to back down against your enemy and form teams to fight for the survival of the human race, would take a lot of soul searching to fight your inner demons and angels to form such an alliance. Every hero has his demons to face, both on the streets and in his soul. This creative idea takes that inner fight to the next level.

So, now we understand the road map of this wonderfully designed trip we are about to go on, we can dig a little deeper into the psyche of our characters.

Nox is our hero. Nox, Nocturnal Knight of Righteous Redemption…I have to admit it, I want to change my business card so it will read this. Nox has to team up with his enemy, The Red Reaper, Mincing Megalomaniacal Science-Tyrant…EEEVIL. With those descriptions you must know that this is going to be extremely epic. Or is it?

There are a lot of elements that make a great story, a lot of plots get lost in the details but without details a plot and story lack depth. And in a shootout the verbiage is just as important as the amount of ammunition in your firearms. There is a lot missing with this series. A LOT! I don’t care what kind of alien forces you are battling, your teammate should have constant communication with you. This communication doesn’t have to complimentary, it doesn’t even have to make total sense, remember these are arch enemies. These two have history, they have been fighting each other and now have been teamed up to fight for the survival of the human race. They should have a lot to say to each other during their fighting situations.

Besides the lack of depth, there are a couple of phrases that remind me of Luke and Han during the Tie Wing fighter attack on the Millennium Falcon. You all know the conversation, but this conversation does not belong in the story we are discussing right now (I know this is a one sided discussion, you’re not talking to me and I realize this, what I am referencing is the voices in my head) and I am insulted that the writers would try to put that in the story and not expect a true Fanboy to notice it.

As we move along the series the depth doesn’t get any better. If this were a pool it would be a kiddie pool. It would be dirty and in desperate need of chlorine and shock, with a heavy dose of TLC. This is epic indeed, an epic disappointment. How can you have such an amazing idea to put enemies together but have the idea fade from there? I seriously feel like I am watching a horrible pilot for a UHF (go ask your parents) TV show. I cannot believe the incredible direction this story was headed in and now we have hit reverse and decided to go down another road.

Well, let’s talk about the artwork. Almost as disappointing as the story, the artwork needs a lot more art and work. Blurry cells and no definition in the action makes it hard to see what is exactly going on. In a High Def world, this is a low def production. It is like trying to watch a Blu-Ray movie through my rabbit ears (again, go ask your parents). I am completely lost here.

Why would you blow the chance to have such an epic series that would go down in the history books as the best story ever told (sorry baby Jesus, I am clearly speaking of comic books here)? This makes me sad and I know that some will say it is easy to be a critic, it is easy to sit back on my couch reading a story and judge every flaw. But to actually write a story is a labor of love, to take your soul and put it to ink is something that a fanboy wouldn’t understand. Trust me I totally get it. I understand what it takes and that is why I have the utmost respect for what it takes to create a series. I also respect the fact that we all have to earn money to put down to purchase these stories. I also know that there are a ton of choices out there, I would not be doing anyone any justice if I said, regardless of the lack of creative writing and artless artwork in this series you should go out and spend your hard earned money on this series.

Let’s sum it all up here, the plot is amazing. Enemies joining together to fight for the salvation of the human race. The story is lacking the actual depth that would make it EPIC. The artwork needs more art and work. There is still time to save Extermination from being exterminated. Just go back to the drawing board and storyboard, create some depth in the characters and go back to the basics in the outlines of what is exactly going on. You have a winning idea, now execute that idea with flawless appeal.

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