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H2O #138: In Which We Discuss Jelly Babies, Blue Milk, and Gagh


It’s been a tumultuous week here in the United States. The election has certainly got a lot of people in a state of not-calmness, so we thought we’d avoid talking politics altogether and give everyone a safe space full of breathing room while we talk about food.

Throughout the science fiction and fantasy genres, there have been moments where culinary concoctions make it into our bubble of awareness. From blue milk to Romulan ale, Klingon gagh to Slurm, there are probably more dishes out there than you might think. Because oftentimes it’s just part of the scenery, something in the background. Pay it no mind.

Except this week, we pay it a great deal of mind. Because talking politics right now is likely to get you a side-eye.

[su_audio url=”http://www.podcasts.com/download/scifi4me-radio-h2o-1c319f2fd/H2O-138-In-Which-We-Discuss-Jelly-Babies-Blue-Milk-and-Gagh-f0b4″]

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