Fans attending the Vulcan Events AWAY MISSION: ORLANDO Star Trek Convention Friday night were treated to a special screening of the fantasy scifi movie TIME AFTER TIME (1979), introduced by the very man who portrayed Jack the Ripper in that film 32 years ago, actor David Warner.

David Warner and Mary Steenburgen in a scene from TIME AFTER TIME.

A very relaxed Warner appeared onstage prior to the start of the film and chatted with audience members about the making of the movie, including sharing some warm remembrances of working with his co-stars, Malcolm McDowell and Mary Steenburgen. He recalled how he and his longtime friend McDowell started out together in theatre, and even joked about how when he was starring as HAMLET (for the prestigious Royal Shakespeare Company back in 1965), McDowell had all of one line of dialogue in that play, but that of course afterward McDowell had gone on to become a major motion picture star.

After taking a few audience questions, Warner spoke briefly about the film, his Star Trek connections and how he was delighted to see so many fans come out for the screening:

“The movie TIME AFTER TIME is over 30 years old now but it doesn’t look it, I don’t think. It’s about time travel, I suppose, but not in the obvious way. It’s before CGI, but it’s not about effects, it’s about characters. It’s about people. It’s a love story and a suspense thriller. It wasn’t a commercial success at the time, but it’s now become what they call a “cult movie”, which means three people have seen it (audience laughter). In my opinion, it really is a good film of its type.

When I met Robert Zemekis on a project (the director of BACK TO THE FUTURE), I was pleased that he called TIME AFTER TIME his second favorite time travel movie, after his own, of course (grins). I think Nicholas Meyer is one of the finest writers, and this was his first film as a director. Meyer also directed STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN (1982) and wrote and directed STAR TREK VI: THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY (1991) which I was also in, so he has quite a long and successful history with Star Trek.

I know my old colleague Sir Patrick (Stewart) is also here (appearing at this convention), and he’s just a great man, I’ve known him for many years, and we started off in theatre together, too, just like Malcolm and I did. I’m feeling quite sort of sad and nostalgic about this movie now! If you’ve seen the movie before, and you’ve come to see it again, thanks for that – it’s great that you’ve taken the trouble to do that. I’m really, really thrilled to see so many people coming to see it again! I’m just delighted to be here.”

AWAY MISSION: ORLANDO runs from Friday October 28 through Sunday, October 30, and I’ll be reporting on happenings all three days at SciFi4Me.com, in my blog (SeshatTravels.org), and on Twitter (@seshat_6).

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