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CW Orders New SUPERMAN AND LOIS Series to Series

The CW has announced a full series order on a series focused on Superman and Lois Lane.

In a rare move, Superman and Lois has been given a full series instead of the traditional pilot and then order, meaning The CW has a large amount of faith in the project. The first episodes will be filmed in the spring before The CW’s upfront presentation to Madison Avenue ad buyers in May. The news comes after the network renewed all of its returning shows for next season. It seems the CW shows no signs of slowing down while showing confidence in adding to their line up.

The show stars Tyler Hoechlin as Superman and Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane, reprising their roles from The CW’s Arrowverse. Like the rest of the Arrowverse, Superman and Lois will be produced by studio-based Greg Berlanti Productions and his company topper Sarah Schechter. Geoff Johns (writer of Green Lantern and the New 52’s Justice League) will also be an executive producer for the project.

The CW also announced ordered a full series for Walker, Texas Ranger remake without ordering a pilot, just as with Superman and Lois. This could be a move to try and find more writers before they start shooting, or it could be a sign that the CW thinks that these projects are guaranteed to succeed.

Superman and Lois is not the end of The CW’s expansion of the Arrowverse; is also set to produce female led Arrow spin-off starring Katherine McNamara, Katie Cassidy Rodgers and Juliana Harkavy, though the project is currently untitled. There is currently no word as to what the plot of this series shall be or when it takes place in the Arrowverse timeline.

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