CLONE WARS: "A War On Two Fronts" Indeed

Episode 5.2 “A War on Two Fronts”

In “A War On Two Fronts” the second episode of The Clone Wars this season, the Jedi Council receive a plea for help from the planet Onderon.  Onderon is under Separatist control, but there is a small band or rebels that want to over throw the Separatist and the traitorous, yet politically legitimate, new Onderon King.  Classic Star Wars.

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Anakin and Obi-Wan have two very different ideas on how to train the rebels and what they should target.  One plan is more aggressive and fear inducing, the other is more teaching the rebels how to defend themselves without getting the involved in the inner planetary politics.  Guess which plan belongs to whom.  This plot point doesn’t come into play much in this episode, but I think the writer’s are planting seeds for it to go further in that direction.  But the main thing to focus on is the story between Ahsoke and Lux Bonteri.

Lux Bonteri has appeared a few times before.  His parents were Separatist, but not “evil, wanting to rule the universe, kill anybody that stands in the way” Separatist, more like “something weird is going on with the Repulic and it seems like the Jedi are getting played and we don’t want to get caught in it” Separatist.  To keep it brief, he’s a very interesting returning character, and since they first met there’s always been a little somethin’ somethin’ between him & Ahsoka.

But now he’s hooked up with the rebels of Onderon.  Ahsoka’s been off doing Jedi stuff, (she’s not supposed to have romantic entanglements anyway,) and he’s getting closer with fellow insurgent, Steela Gerrera, who’s totally got a thing for him.

This is a fine episode.  It’s got action, intrigue, comedy and some longing.  It’s nothing really special either, but I think it’s the set up for something bigger and more defining.  Here’s my theory:

I don’t know how many seasons The Clone Wars has left but I think Lux could play a very pivotal role.  At some point, he could get killed and if that happens, Ahsoka will be consumed with anger and sorrow and rage and she’ll go take one too many steps down the dark path and get herself killed, which will push Anakin closer to his ultimate tipping point.

As Yoda says, “Difficult to see.  Always in motion the future is.”  Only one way to find out.

The Clone Wars, on Cartoon Network, airs Saturday’s at 9:30 EST.

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