STAR WARS CRIBS Episode 03: Jeremy

Host Matt Hentges travels the neighborhoods of Kansas City, talking with Star Wars fans about their collections of memorabilia — action figures to figurines, costumes to cookie jars, and everything in between. Every other Sunday at 6p, Matt will interview a collector and take cameras into their personal Rancho Obi-Wans and see just what’s tucked away in the closet, or under the bed, or in the garage…

This week, Matt visits his friend Jeremy, who has a pretty awesome collection! Stuff from the 1990s, green cards, orange cards, action figures, playsets… and some original items from the Kenner days.

STAR WARS CRIBS Episode 02: Dylan

Host Matt Hentges travels the neighborhoods of Kansas City, talking with Star Wars fans about their collections of memorabilia — action figures to figurines, costumes to cookie jars, and everything in between. Every other Sunday at 6p, Matt will interview a collector and take cameras into their personal Rancho Obi-Wans and see just what’s tucked away in the closet, or under the bed, or in the garage…

This week, Matt visits friend Dylan, who’s got a fairly impressive collection of original and later-model action figures. Plus: a STAR WARS themed room! But it’s not the one you’d expect…

STAR WARS CRIBS Episode 01: Matt Hentges

Introducing SciFi4Me TV’s newest show!

Star Wars Cribs will take you on a tour of some of Kansas City’s most interesting collections, with host Matt Hentges tracking down those treasure troves of all shapes and sizes. Action figures to figurines, costumes to cookie jars, and everything in between. Every other Sunday at 6p, Matt will interview a collector and take cameras into their personal Rancho Obi-Wans and see just what’s tucked away in the closet, or under the bed, or in the garage…

And to kick things off, Matt brings us into his collection:

Cards For Humanity: Sci-Fi Expansion Pack To Fight World Hunger


[featured image: Cards Against Humanity]

For a long time, fans of science fiction have enjoyed the worlds and technology created by authors. Now they can put their own twist on the fate of the human race (or whatever species they are) with Cards Against Humanity’s new Sci-Fi expansion pack.

Last year they released their first ever Fantasy pack with the help of a dozen fantasy authors, including Patrick Rothfuss, Neil Gaiman, and Jacqueline Carey, who brainstormed for playful questions and hilariously grotesque answers. This year’s Sci-Fi release enlisted the help of authors, including:

  • Delilah S. Dawson
  • Elizabeth Bear
  • Jim C. Hines
  • Myke Cole
  • Martha Wells
  • Catherynne M. Valente
  • Patrick Rothfuss

The thirty-card pack poking fun at the Sci-Fi genre is $5. Through December 19, all proceeds from the expansion pack will first be doubled and then go to Worldbuilders, Rothfuss’s nonprofit organization, which supports Heifer International. So far, they have raised $21,378 from the packs.

Heifer International is a nonprofit that works with communities to end world. However, instead of simply a donation of supplies, they work to empower families with the “teach a man to fish” philosophy. They provided the education and supplies needed to bring sustainable agriculture and commerce to the areas with long histories of poverty. Animals not only provide food, but also a source of reliable income, such as agricultural products like milk, eggs, and honey which can be traded or sold at market.

Rothfuss’s organization, Worldbuilders, allows donators to purchase items like chickens, tree seedlings or well installations which provides the supplies need for Heifer Internationals mission.

Cards Against Humanity was created by Highland Park High School alum for a New Year’s Eve party, using Apples to Apples as an influence. Co-creator Ben Hantoot has cited experiences with games, such as Magic: The Gathering, Balderdash, and Charades, as inspirations with Mad Libs as the most direct influence.

In December 2010, a Kickstarter campaign was started to finance the game, meeting its goal of $4,000 in two weeks. When it ended at the end of January 2011, they had raised over $15,000, just under 400% of its original goal, which allowed the creators to add fifty more cards to the set.

This is not the first time Cards Against Humanity has been involved with a charitable cause. Previous proceed donations include the Wikimedia Foundations, several educational projects through DonorsChoose, scholarships for women going into STEM and the Chicago Design Museum.

It has been stated that the company has generated at least $12 million in revenue since 2011. The approximate donation amount from the small list of their ventures above is around $670,000.



The Top Ten Nerdy Coloring Books for Adults

BANNER_Opinions2013[Header image courtesy Pixabay.]

If you’ve used the internet or stepped outside anytime in the last year or so, you may have noticed a new trend among savvy adults. Or maybe you haven’t. Maybe you’ve been focusing on more important things, like examining the contrails of government planes or telling people on the internet about the dangers of the contrails of government planes or … or … what was I talking about?

Oh, right, savvy trends. Yes, if you’ve engaged at all with Western society in the last year, you’ll have likely noticed that more and more people are diving headfirst into the world of adult coloring books. And why not? Coloring is a relatively low-cost, simple hobby that can provide hours of quiet fun. It has a stupid easy learning curve. (Put color in the lines. Or don’t. Whatever, no one’s judging you here.) This CNN article says it’s good for you. And it provides a handy way to tell passersby that you are busy, dammit, and you don’t have time for human interaction without having to pull out actual work.

A small girl colors with a crayon. Move over, child! Let the grown ups show you how it's done. [Courtesy Flikr/R. Nial Bradshaw]
Move over, child! Let the grown ups show you how it’s done. [Courtesy Flikr/R. Nial Bradshaw]
Many of the most popular coloring books feature intricate mandala designs, animals with a lot of tiny shapes on their bodies, or just…lots and lots of lines. Which is totally fine for people who like that sort of thing. But I can tell, from the close friendship we’ve had since the beginning of this article, that you’re looking for a bit more variety in your coloring life. “Weird circles are nice,” I hear you saying, “But can’t I color and indulge in my obsessive need to nerd out at the same time?”

Yes, my friend. Yes, you can. Merely cast your eyes upon this list and you, too, can enter the wacky and wonderful world of Nerdy Coloring.

Please note that, while I said there were ten coloring books in this list, there’s actually more. That’s because I opted to give you some variety. Because I am the best.

Lord of the Rings

JRR Tolkien in 1916. This man wrote about eleves singing to the stars and hobbits smoking "pipe weed". He would probably approve of you drinking half a bottle of wine and coloring pictures of dwarves. [Courtesy Wikimedia Commons]
This man wrote about elves singing to the stars and hobbits smoking “pipe weed”. He would probably/definitely approve of you drinking half a bottle of wine and coloring pictures of dwarves. [Courtesy Wikimedia Commons]
We start our journey in Tolkien’s Middle-Earth. Fans of Peter Jackson’s mega-movies should head on over to The Lord of the Rings Movie Trilogy Coloring Book. This 80 page book offers drawings of movie scenes and quotes to fill in. Beware, though, that drawings are printed on both sides and that can make things difficult for pen and marker users.

If you’re looking for something less Jackson-y, you can check out Tolkien’s World: A Fantasy Coloring Book. It’s unlicensed and unofficial, but based off of JRR’s original works and also super cool looking.

Harry Potter

There’s, like, a dozen official HP coloring books, so I’ll start with the general Harry Potter Coloring Book. The paper is fairly thick and printed on both sides. If you’d like to get more specific (of course you would, you nerd), there’s also books for creatures, artifacts, and places and characters.

I highly suggest putting on Wizard People, Dear Reader in the background. You can thank me later.

Game of Thrones

Harry Potter is great, but sometimes you just want more violent murder and ice zombies in your fantasy, you know? Yeah, I do know. So I found you The Official A Game of Thrones Coloring Book: An Adult Coloring Book (A Song of Ice and Fire). Please note that the title is about as long as the wait for GRRM to finish that stupid series.

The book features 96 pages of detailed pen and ink illustrations. They are so intricate, in fact, that it might be a little difficult to fill them in. Still, you’re a GoT fan, so I’m assuming that you’re used to suffering through years of pain and torture in order to have one sweet triumphant moment before everything goes to hell again.

Cersei knows what you need for coloring night.


A halfway point between Potter and Thrones, Outlander offers a decent balance between magical wonder and depressing sadness. The Official Outlander Coloring Book offers a similar balance between simple drawings and more complicated designs (according to reviewer “iiiireader”).

I recommend starting it after the season finale on July 9. Take as long as you can. Maybe by the time you’re done, Droughtlander will be over once more.

And my beloved Frasers will have come back to me. (On left, Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser. On right, Caitriona Balfe as Claire Fraser. Courtesy Starz.)
And my beloved Frasers will have come back to me. (On left, Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser. On right, Caitriona Balfe as Claire Fraser.) [Courtesy Starz.]


If I’m giving you historical fantasy, it’s only decent that I give you historical scifi, too. Hence, I present Steampunk Coloring Book by Über Goober Games. This one follows their Über RPG series, but you don’t have to be a player to have fun with this book.

A cat walks on grass, wearing a top hat and monacle adn smoking a pipe. The internet tells me that this is Steampunk. So...I guess it is.
The internet tells me that this is Steampunk. So … I guess it is.

And since many people are drawn (haha, PUNS!) to Steampunk for its weird and amazing contraptions, there’s also the Creative Haven Steampunk Devices Coloring Book.


The scrappy underdog of the scifi world, you can’t take Serenity from its fandom. And now, Browncoats can put their markers where their mouths are with The Serenity Adult Coloring Book, debuting on October 25. Which means they can then plaster the walls of Fox headquarters with thousand of coloring book pages in a silent demand for a new series. I, of course, do not endorse or condone this action in any way.

Along with Avatar: The Last Airbender Coloring Book, this will be the first in a hopefully long procession of products from publisher Dark Horse’s new adult coloring book line.

Doctor Who

The Doctor seems like the kind of chap who would be into coloring books. Or get sucked into a coloring book. Or use a coloring book to save the universe. Something along those lines (more puns! I am on fire today).

The man fights metal cannisters with toilet plunger weapons, so coloring doesn't seem that ridiculous, relatively speaking. [Courtesy BBC/Simon Ridgway.]
The man fights metal cannisters with toilet plunger weapons, so coloring doesn’t seem that ridiculous, relatively speaking. [Courtesy BBC/Simon Ridgway.]
For fans of the British scifi staple, there is both the Doctor Who Coloring Book and the Doctor Who Travels in Time Coloring Book. One has blue on the cover and the other has red. Both provide many pages of wibbly-wobbly illustrations to help you pass the timey-wimey.

Star Wars

Doesn’t matter if you’re Jedi or Sith, Resistance or First Order, everyone could do with a bit of Star Wars coloring time. There’s already a ton of children’s Star Wars coloring matter out there, because at least some people are trying to raise their children responsibly.

For more of a challenge, check out Star Wars: 100 Images to Inspire Creativity and Relaxation. The drawings feature well known characters and plenty of mandala-type designs for people who like staring at tiny shapes. But, you know, cooler tiny shapes. Because Star Wars.

There's like, X-Wings and Stormtrooper helmets shapes and stuff. It's pretty cool. [Courtesy Marvel.]
There’s like, X-Wings and Stormtrooper helmets shapes and stuff. It’s pretty cool. [Courtesy Marvel.]

Star Trek

And what list of nerd anything would be complete without Star Trek? Apparently, the people who make coloring books did not get the memo, because I couldn’t find an easily available Star Trek coloring book anywhere.


There’s this rather pricey vintage TOS book. But if you don’t want to plunk down a stack of cash for a rare collectible that you can’t actually color (because you spent a stack of cash to get it, remember), then the internet has you covered. It’s pretty easy to find individual pages to print out and color as many times as you want.

Wild Card

If none of the above has piqued your interest, then you should do two things. 1) Be more grateful. I could have been watching “A Piece of the Action” for the 152nd time. But instead, I wrote you this article. Think about that, why don’t you.

2) Check out Unicorns are Jerks: A Coloring Book Exposing the Cold, Hard, Sparkly Truth, which features everybody’s favorite mythical animal doing what it does best. Which is, apparently, being a jerk. (And be sure to check out artist Theo Nicole Lorenz’s other coloring books, which are all pretty sweet.)

Whether you give the unicorns speech bubbles so that they can say creative strings of swear words is up to you. But you should. Because jerk unicorns.

A unicron, prancing in a field, under a rainbow, and being highly smug about it. Ugh, look at this magical schmuck. Being all sparkly and crap. Where the hell do you get off, sir? [Courtesy qwerpy5485/DeviantArt.]
Ugh, look at this magical schmuck. Being all sparkly and crap. Where the hell do you get off, sir? [Courtesy qwerpy5485/DeviantArt.]
So there you have it. Enough coloring books to keep you occupied until the robots rise up and enslave us all. Or until Supernatural is finally cancelled. Or the heat death of the universe. I’m not sure which of those things will happen first. It’s a toss up.

Got anything to add to the list? Come yell it at us on Twitter or Facebook. And be sure to tell us all about how we ruined your life by giving you the perfect way to waste AHEM I mean intelligently spend your time.

While you’re busily filling in those lines, why not check out our premium selection of podcasts?




Mack is back!

This week:
— box office updates
— rewrites!
— leaked photos!
— more toys!
— new release date for 8!
— real Mandalorian armor!


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Mackenna Riley has the latest Star Wars news, rumor, and innuendo in this new episode!

The Force Awakens is making all the moneys and breaking all the records. It’s only a matter of time before it’s the biggest movie of all time. But not everyone is happy with it. Also: some really awesome things from fans like you! A change on the “Monopoly” board, a “Calvin & Hobbes” mash-up…

And should George Lucas come back to direct Episode IX?

All that and more!



STAR TREK Honored with Forever Stamps


In honor of the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, the United States Postal Service has announced a set of Forever stamps to feature illustrations inspired by the series.

Designed by the company Heads of State, under the art direction of Antonio Alcalá, the stamps will showcase four designs on a sheet with “Space… the final frontier” over a field of stars:

  • the USS Enterprise inside the outline of a Starfleet insignia against a gold background
  • the silhouette of a crewman in a transporter against a red background
  • the silhouette of the Enterprise from above against a green background
  • the Enterprise inside the outline of the Vulcan salute against a blue background

trek3_123115trek1_123115trek2_123115 trek4_123115

“Our stamps articulate the American experience through miniature works of art,” said Acting Stamp Services Director Mary-Anne Penner. “Our diverse stamp topics for 2016 are sure to appeal to everyone, and with the New Year just around the corner, now is a perfect time to get started in stamp collecting. It’s an educational hobby the entire family can enjoy.”

The designs were included in a preview posted on the USPS web site on December 30.


SALACIOUS CRUMBS Is Back and Serving up a New Host


We’re back! New host Mackenna Riley brings you the latest Star Wars news — catching up on the records being broken, the comments George Lucas has made, and what about that action figure? Can you imagine how much it’s worth?

Also, be sure to leave us your comments and speculations. Who’s Rey? What do you think will happen in Episode VIII? Plus, on the next Echo Chamber podcast we’ll be talking all about the new movie, and there’ll be plenty of spoilers!




Paramount to Establish Hasbro-Based Film Universe


Shared universes have been around since ancient people exchanged stories with each other to explain rain and fire. Marvel Studios just perfected the idea. In the wake of their unprecedented success, competing studios are scrambling to catch up. Warner Brothers, of course, is building toward their big Justice League romp. As of late, Paramount is officially on board with the announcement of a universe uniting Hasbro properties G.I. Joe, Micronauts, Visionaries, M.A.S.K. (Mobile Armored Strike Kommand), and ROM. The films will be produced by Allspark.

Allspark breathes new life into beloved heroes.

Through the years, fans of these toy lines have seen incarnations including comic books, cartoon series, and in the case of G.I. Joe, two big screen adaptations. Hasbro chairman Brian Goldner said of the merger, “Hasbro and Allspark Pictures put storytelling at the center of everything that we do. These brands are filled with memorable stories and vivid characters, and this universe creates a framework for how they will become interconnected.” As was done with the Transformers series, Allspark will establish a writers’ room to map the creative flow of these future releases.

Hi there. Nice to see ya. Bumblebee tuna. Bumblebee tuna!
Hi there. Nice to see ya. Bumblebee tuna. Bumblebee tuna!

The decision to link these characters and these worlds is interesting, but not surprising. Paramount’s Transformers franchise is a cash cow, having grossed more than $3.8 billion to date. Let’s just hope the spirit of the source material doesn’t get lost in all the Bayhem.

At this point, the only question remaining is if there’s room on this train for Jem and the Holograms.

Too soon? No, probably not.
Too soon? No, probably not.



H2O #89: In Which We Discuss the Impact of STAR WARS


Next month — actually, in just less than a month — there’s this space movie coming out. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. Something called Star Wars.

You have? Good. Then we can continue with our look at the impact the films have had on the movie industry. From visual effects to soundtracks to editing and sound effects, from motion controlled cameras to computer generated images, Star Wars was the launch pad for so many technical and creative techniques that we take for granted today.

But what if Star Wars had never been made? What would the Hollywood landscape look like today?

Click here to read Mike Klimo’s essay on the Star Wars “Ring Theory”

Visit Superhero Stuff today and see the gift guide, just in time for the holidays! And for a limited time — through December 18th or while supplies last — you can get a Star Wars Saga HeroBox!




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Target Presents SHARE THE FORCE


Target has announced an exciting thing for Star Wars fans. The store is launching “Share the Force,” the first digital collection of Star Wars memories. The collection will be archived at Lucasfilm, and is the first to include the memories of fans, including celebrities Minka Kelly, Chris Hardwick, and Bobby Moynihan. “Share the Force” has an interactive website where fans can choose their favorite character and explore their memories. Then, fans can add their own memory to the website.

Target will launch the exclusive Star Wars: The Force Awakens merchandise on “Force Friday” (September 4). 207 stores will be participating in midnight openings so fans can get a look at the merchandise as soon as possible. For a tour of the “Share the Force” project, watch this video:




Diamond Appointed Distributor for Bandai America Products



Diamond Comic Distributors has finalized their negotiations with Bandai America Inc. that names Diamond as the preferred distributor to select retailers throughout the United States.


“We have a long standing strategic partnership with Diamond,” Michael Ciminera, Bandai America’s Vice President of Sales said. “We fully believe in their ability to distribute and market Bandai Products far and wide into the U.S. Market.”

Diamond will support Bandai through its monthly PREVIEWS catalog, programs to its retailer partners, and other marketing and distribution services.

“We are gratified by the trust Bandai America has placed in us to be their Master Distributor,” said Diamond’s Director of Vendor Development, Eric Burkhardt. “We look forward to partnering with them to grow Bandai America’s diverse and successful product lines to U.S. toy, hobby, and specialty retailers.”

The Bandai brand includes Power Rangers, Big Hero 6, Godzilla and SpruKits, along with some popular Japanese hobby and collectors lines. Diamond Comic Distributors is the world’s largest distributor of English Language comic books, graphic novels and related pop-culture merchandise.



H2O #71: In Which We Discuss San Diego Comic-Con 2015



San Diego Comic-Con has once again blown through like a tornado of news, announcements, teases, rumors, and all sorts of … stuff. Toys, merchandise, and there’s so much to talk about that it’s taking several articles to share it all with you. In the meantime, we talk about some of the most notable bits. Namely, the Batman v. Superman trailer, Joss Whedon’s “Victorian-era female Batman”, Marvel’s Twitter-driven vending machine, and this little thing called Star Wars.

And we also talk about our own adaptation of The Statement of Randolph Carter, along with a detour through Bloom County…



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Roundup: SDCC Day 2



Day 2 of San Diego Comic-Con continued the tidal wave of news, and we’ve got a lot of the highlights here.


Philip K. Dick fans got more than just a trailer for the new Amazon adaptation of his seminal alternate history novel at SDCC; they also got a cast and crew panel and a chance to watch the pilot and the second episode of the series as a feature. Amazon viewers loved the pilot when it debuted in January, and voted for it to go to series in pretty impressive numbers.

Set in a world where the Nazis and the Japanese conquered America and settled into a Cold War, the series stars Rufus Sewell, Alexa Davalos, DJ Qualls and Rupert Evans. While there have been some changes from the book, such as Hitler still being alive as the series starts and new characters created for the show, co-creator and lead writer Frank Spotnitz insisted that the fans of the novel would have nothing to worry about when it comes to the show being faithful to its source. He also talked about how getting the series order enabled the production team to go back into the pilot and make some changes to better develop the visuals of the alternate 1960’s Nazi America.

One of the characters written for the show is Rufus Sewell’s American Nazi officer John Smith, and an audience question prompted his response to remember that in the history of the real world, it was ordinary people who were responsible for the horrors of the Nazis: “… it’s human beings that do these things, not ‘Germans'” and “…humanizing [these villains] in that way is, I think, ultimately the most responsible thing.”

The series is in production now, with the season premiere coming in September 2015.



MTV debuted an official first look for the new 10-episode series based on the Terry Brooks fantasy series, starring John Rhys-Davies (Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones), Ivana Baquero (Pan’s Labyrinth), Manu Bennett (Arrow), Austin Butler (Switched at Birth), and Poppy Drayton. The series is produced by Smallville creators Al Gough and Miles Millar, with Jon Favreau (Iron Man) and Jonathan Liebesman (Battle: Los Angeles) as Executive Producers, along with Dan Farah (Alter Egos) and Terry Brooks. Filmed in New Zealand, the series is scheduled to premiere in 2016.



To no one’s surprise, fans lined up for nearly 24 hours before the SDCC Star Wars panel. What was a bit of a surprise, and a pleasant one at that, was J.J. Abrams buying donuts for all them. That would be nearly 6000 donuts, by the way.


While everyone would have loved a new trailer, Abrams did bring this along with him to the panel, and no one complained:

The panel was hosted by Chris Hardwick. Abrams was joined by producers Kathleen Kennedy and Lawrence Kasdan for the first part of the panel, and as it went on, cast members begin to take the stage.

First up were the new members of the Alliance: John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, and Oscar Isaac, who said his character carries on the legacy of Han and Luke. “Poe was probably watching the medal ceremony saying, ‘I want to be a hero.’”

Up next were the new villains. Adam Driver described his Kylo Ren as someone they weren’t thinking of in terms of bad or evil…just as a character with a point of view, while Domhall Gleeson said “I am evil. [My character’s] British.” Gwendolyn Christie told the crowd, “I found it very exciting that underneath that armor is a woman. And it makes it more relevant than ever.”

Of course the crowd really went wild with the arrivals of Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill, who both talked about how great it was to be back on set in the Star Wars universe, but it was Harrison Ford who brought down the house when he came onto the stage, quipping “I’m fine. I walked here.”

After the panel, Abrams led the crowd over to a live Star Wars concert, followed by fireworks.

Check out a live blog of the event over at



Full trailers for both Season 6 of The Walking Dead and the new spin-off Fear the Walking Dead also made their debuts on Friday.

The Walking Dead focuses on lots (and lots and lots) of zombie action, more of Rick’s management style coming under fire, and teases serious changes in the power dynamics of Team Zombie. Fans of the comic will see references to story beats from the page on display, but as with previous seasons, the show looks geared to follow a path of its own. Season 5 ended with Morgan Jones (Lennie James) finally catching up to Rick’s group, and it’s clear that his arrival has some real consequences for the future.


The new full trailer for the debut of Fear the Walking Dead gives us a sense of the family dynamics of the show, but also doesn’t stint on the undead action. Focusing on the beginnings of the zombie outbreak, the new show stars Kim Dickens, Cliff Curtis, and Rubén Blades, and is set in Los Angeles.



Of course there was plenty of news of the comic book side of things, with big announcements from Marvel and DC about the futures of their respective lines, as well as news from Dark Horse about the return of Lady Killer.


In Star Wars related news, Marvel announced at its panel that Chewbacca would get his own comic series this fall. Titled, of course, Chewbacca, the series is set after A New Hope and will see the Wookiee crash-landing on a planet and helping its inhabitants defend themselves from the Empire.

As for the “All New, All Different Marvel”, the Friday SDCC panel kicked off with Secret Wars in the morning and continued into the afternoon with a focus on the Avengers.

Senior editor Tom Brevoort, Secret Wars writer Jonathan Hickman, artist Josh Williamson, and Charles Soule, the writer of Inhumans Rising began the discussion, and were joined by Sana Amanat (Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel). In a wide-ranging discussion of both the series destroying the Marvel Universes as we know them and what’s to follow, the panel teased info about Captains America and Marvel, Old Man Logan, and the various one-shots that they love that tie into the Secret Wars event.

The Avengers panel brought Brevoort and Amanat back, and they were joined by writer Mark Waid  (All-New, All-Different Avengers), editor Will Moss, writers Marguerite Bennett (writer, Angela: Queen of Hel), Nick Spencer (Astonishing Ant-Man) and Joshua Williamson (Illuminati). They talked about the new Totally Awesome Hulk series (Brevoort: “It’s an all-new Hulk for the all-new Marvel Universe, and he’s got a little spike at the top of his head, it’s cute.”); the new Doctor Strange series, now with battle-ax and “Strange-vision”; and bringing in Agent Carter writers Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas to write the new Captain Marvel series. Mark Waid talked about passing Daredevil on to Charles Soule, and Amanat told the crowd that when it comes to Ms. Marvel: “This story is about what happens when people know who she is and how Kamala comes to terms with that — while also being an Avenger, friend, daughter. It’s not that easy. She has everything she wants, and she struggles with how to deal with having everything you want.”

Waid talked about working with artists Adam Kubert and Mahmud Asrar on All-New, All-Different Avengers, and building a new team without the financial backing of Tony Stark, prompting Amanat to laugh and say, “I was really excited about the ‘Broke-Ass Avengers. I’d buy that.”

The panel continued on, covering Sam Wilson’s Captain America and his relationship with Steve Rogers, the new Invincible Iron Man, Mighty Thor, Uncanny Avengers, and All-New Hawkeye series (“It’s Old Man Barton” – Amanat) before moving to talk about the new Ant-Man, Angela, and Illuminati series, among others. Brevoort made a point of saying that the new Marvel Universe wasn’t actually a reboot as such:

“The Iron Man you’re reading about is the same one you’ve been reading for the past 50 years. That’s a little different from a reboot. DC has thrown everything out every now and then and started on day one.”


Geoff Johns’ panel yielded a ton of new information about the new Justice League: Gods and Men series of one-shots spilling out of the “Darkseid War” event. While individual creative teams for all of the six books weren’t announced, the Jack Kirby-inspired stories will see the fallout from the war affect Superman, Batman, Lex Luthor, the Flash, Green Lantern and Shazam in ways that do not bode well for pretty much anyone involved.

“We’ll see Lex Luthor as he tries to get the power of Darkseid,” Johns said. “We see Superman, and something occurs to him that will cause him to become kind of a god of strength, and it’s not necessarily a good thing.”

What details we have describe an Apokolips ruled by Lex Luthor and a Superman corrupted by the energies of the fire-pits into what sounds like a mix of Kirby’s Orion and Kalabak, with both men ultimately needing the other’s help; a Mobius Chair-powered Batman with the almost infinite knowledge of the New God Metron and his  attempt to turn Gotham City into a crime-free city; a destroyed Green Lantern Corps with only Hal Jordan and John Stewart left standing and a Flash taking on the role of the Black Racer… the harbinger of Death. And then there’s Shazam: instead of being powered by the old gods of Earth, he now finds himself wielding the powers of the New Gods trapped in the Source Wall, with such levels of power being, perhaps, more than he can handle.

Bruce Timm made the announcement that The Killing Joke was getting the animated feature treatment, with a release of 2016. The critically-acclaimed 1998 graphic novel from Alan Moore and Brian Bolland in many ways defined the modern version of the Joker and changed the dynamics of the Batman Family for many years by crippling Barbara Gordon and returning Batman to the character’s darker roots. It also generated significant amounts of controversy for its treatment of Barbara Gordon, and Moore himself has described it as “probably one of the areas where they should’ve reined me in, but they didn’t.”

It was also announced that screenwriter Max Landis (Chronicle) would be penning a seven-issue Superman series titled Superman: Alien American. The series will cover individual periods of Clark Kent’s life, and is the largest project Landis has done for DC to date. Each issue will have a cover by Ryan Sook, with interiors by Nick Dragotta, Tommy Lee Edwards, Jöelle Jones, Jae Lee, Francis Manapul, Jonathan Case and Jock.

Dark Horse

Dark Horse Comics announced a second series of their popular Lady Killer will debut in March 2016. The 1960’s-set series follows Josie Schuller as she balances domestic life as a wife and mother with her life as an assassin, and creator Jöelle Jones promises more exploration of the series’ characters as well as the stylized, over-the-top bloody violence of the first series.

In an interview with Comic Cook Resources, Jones talks about being happy that colorist Laura Allred will be returning, and how she’ll be treating the story structure of the new series:

I enjoyed doing the first series so much as a self-contained story, so this next series definitely relates to the first one, but it’s also something that you’d be able to pick up if you’d never read the previous one. I kinda like doing that just because, since I am a new writer, keeping it self-contained each time is easier. I think it’s a TV series mentality. It seems to be less daunting for me, and more fun.

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While the documentary covering the Superman film-that-wasn’t was available through VOD on July 9th, Comic-con attendees could also stop by booth 3915 to pick up a copy. The Tim Burton film that was to star Nicholas Cage as Kal-El was famously cancelled just two weeks out from shooting, and the documentary features interviews with Burton, Cage, Kevin Smith and Jon Peters, as well as a wealth of archival footage.



Hallmark returned for its eighth year at SDCC with a preview of its 2016 Star Trek Keepsake Ornaments and itty bittys, all tied into the 50th Anniversary of the Original Series.

“We’re thrilled to return to Comic-Con to interact with our passionate fans,” Beth Dorr, Hallmark Licensing, said in a statement. “We invite convention goers to stop by the Hallmark booth for sneak peeks of our upcoming products and all the usual fun that fans have come to expect from us.”

The slideshow below shows some of the new ornaments and itty bittys coming next year, and an elaborate electronic table-top display featuring Kirk, Spock, and Dr. McCoy as they appeared on the bridge of the Enterprise, entitled “To Boldly Go”, will also be available.

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