Worldcon 74: SciFi X/Y — The Pern Episode, Live

Our eighth episode, as it was last year, is about Pern. And this year, we chat up special guest Todd McCaffrey about his caretaking of the universe created by his mother, Anne McCaffrey.

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Worldcon 74: 2016 Campbell and Sturgeon Award Winners Announced

As the academic track at this year’s Worldcon at MidAmeriCon II, the Campbell Conference announced the winners of the Campbell and Sturgeon Memorial Awards.

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Review: THE WAY OF KINGS is Almost Worth the Page Length

Fans of the epic fantasy genre are used to long reads, and TWOK certainly does not disappoint in that respect. With a prelude, prologue, 75 chapters, epilogue and 9 interludes, it’s not all that surprising this novel reaches over 380,000 words.

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