C2E2: There’s a New Champion of Cosplay

Saturday night of C2E2 saw JinxKittie Cosplay of Durban, South Africa take home the crown in the finale of the Reedpop Global Championships of Cosplay.

JinxKittie won for an upgraded version of her Blood Priestess Bathory, which is based on an original character design by Cinderys Art and Cosplay. This was the same build which earned her the title of African Champion of Cosplay at Comic Con Africa and the trip to compete with other cosplay champions from around the world.

Runner-ups were US champion Xephyr cosplaying as Moira O’Deorain from Overwatch and France champion LeelooKris Cosplay as Lagertha from Vikings.

Reedpop started the competition in 2014, judging the craftmanship and stage display in four different categories: comic books, anime and fantasy, video games, and movies and television. The winners in each of the categories are finalists in the local contest.

After the winner is chosen from the Chicago show, all the champions from around the world compete in the global Crown Championships of Cosplay at C2E2. There are three champions from the United States (New York, Seattle, and Chicago) as well as champions representing Australia, China, Austria, Singapore, Indonesia, India, and France. This is the second year Africa has been a part of the mix after their inaugural Comic Con Africa in 2018 as well as their second top placing champion after Kinpatsu Cosplay placed second last year at C2E2.

Not only does the championship draw high profile cosplayers, it also draws big names within the cosplay community as judges. This year JinxKittie, Xephyr, LeelooKris and others performed in front of Ivy Doomkitty, Peppermonster Cosplay and Ginoza Costuming. Past judges include Yaya Han, Ann Foley, Leri Greer, Ashley Eckstein, and Austin Scarlett.

“The C2E2 Crown Championships of Cosplay is the ultimate celebration and recognition of our passionate cosplay community. In the five years that Reedpop has put on this competition, we are more and more astounded by the creativity, craftsmanship, dedication, and skill that these competitors put into their cosplay,” said Kristina Rogers, Event Director, Reedpop. “This year’s contestants brought some of the best creations that we’ve ever seen. We’re really excited to see what next year’s competition holds.”

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