Benito Gallego Becomes the New Artist For THE NEW ADVENTURES OF TARZAN


The New Adventures of Tarzan has got a new artist. Benito Gallego has joined the Roy Thomas comic strip, replacing Tom Grinberg who has moved onto other projects.

The New Adventures of Tarzan is not an adaption of previous work. It simply plunged into Tarzan’s Africa, with two main story lines, one with Tarzan and La of Opar, the other with Jane and Paul D’Arnot, which become intertwined.

Gallego was born in Madrid, Spain and learned to love comics before he could read. This is probably the reason he pays more attention to the illustrations than the text when reading them. When he began to draw, he would fill any blank space with doodles. During his time attending the Faculty of Fine Arts in Madrid, Gallego provided comics and pin-ups for fanzines. He did also develop a career in advertising and graphic design.

It was not until he met comic-book living legend Neal Adams at a convention that he did not take a career in comic serious. After seeing Gallego’s work, he could help but keep repeating to him, “Why are you not working for Marvel?” This was still burned into his head when he contacted Roy Thomas who helped him get his first professional gig working on with him on his series Anthem and Captain Thunder & Blue Bolt published by Heroic Publishing.


Since then, he has worked with top talents in the comic medium as well as producing illustrations for companies like Marvel, DC, Upper Deck, and A First Salvo. He also illustrated Devin Gerard’s Diego’s Dragon Series.

His most recent work includes Apama The Undiscovered Animal, a comic series based on characters and concepts from the movie Hero Tomorrow created by Milo Miller and Ted Sikora.

Gallego lives live in Alicante, on the east coast of Spain with his wife Soraya and their daughter, his most ferocious but grateful critics of his work.



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