8Bits: Talking About the Nintendo Switch

This month’s episode, we’re talking about the highly-anticipated Nintendo Switch. Is it everything it’s cracked up to be? Is it the game-changer game console? Plus: a look at SUPER MARIO RUN and a discussion about the games we’re playing.

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Recap: SON OF ZORN Welcomes the Return of The Drinking Buddy

Zorn welcomes his old drinking buddy for a visit. But his friend has changed. Can Zorn deal with the new improved Headbutt Man or will he drive his friend back to his old ways?

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Recap: SON OF ZORN brings us to The Battle of Thanksgiving

Can Zorn fit in during the family holiday? Will he prevail over his biggest foe, his ex-Mother-in-law? Or will this holiday turn out to be a turkey?

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