AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Blazes Through the Origin of Ghost Rider (With a Twist) – LEVEL ELEVENTY-SEVEN #98


Episode 406 “The Good Samaritan”
Written by Jeffrey Bell
Directed by Billy Gierhart

This episode gives us the origin of the Ghost Rider — complete with a surprise visit from the Ghost Rider!

Plot threads: 1. Jemma gets sent away to a black-hood-can’t-tell-anyone location, where she’s going to be doing who knows what or else; 2. Director Mace intercepts Coulson’s “goose free” plane and searches for the stowaways Daisy and Matchstick; 3. more revelations about Eli’s involvement with the original Dark Matter project that has ties all the way back to Whitney Frost’s experiments on Agent Carter! and 4. the origin of Robbie’s Ghost Rider, helped along by the intervention of Johnny Blaze’s Ghost Rider.

Next week: no episode because of the election, so we’ll be discussing Doctor Strange.

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The panel: Maia Ades, Mindy Inlow, Kathryn Sanders, Sam Sentman, Timothy Harvey, Jason Hunt





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