AGENT CARTER Gets Smart, 86es The Dumb (Sort Of) – LEVEL ELEVENTY SEVEN 43


Episode 104 “The Blitzkrieg Button”

This week, Howard Stark is back with a new task for Peggy, and a new gadget for her to use in executing said task: retrieving an invention that’s not really an invention, but a vial of Steve Rogers’ blood. Plus, as the song says, “Them guys ain’t dumb” as we get to see Thompson, Sousa, and Dooley all actually doing some investigating and demonstrating some degree of competency. Not only that, but Jarvis now has a “tell” and we notice there’s a definite struggle between 1940s “film noir crime thriller” and 1940s “screwball comedy” in this hour. Most of it works. Some of it doesn’t.

And Mr. Mink gives us a look at a new gun that fires magic bullets, something that allows Dottie to show her true colors — and a killer move we’ve seen elsewhere in the MCU.

The Panel: Sonya Rodriguez, Dan Handley, Timothy Harvey, Jason Hunt

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