AGENT CARTER Appeals to Our Better Angels — LEVEL ELEVENTY-SEVEN #73


Episode 203 “Better Angels”

Agent Carter doesn’t give us any of Agent Flamingo tonight, but we do get plenty of intrigue, plenty of science, and plenty of Howard Stark being… well, Howard Stark.

This week: Chief Jack Thompson looks to be even more compromised than he was last week, and that is sure to come back to bite him if Peggy doesn’t get to him first. Peggy gets to use her Kansas City, Missouri accent for the third episode in a row, along with some sneaky spycraft and more fisticuffs! along the way. And whose voice is that we hear coming from the newly augmented security system, Mr. Jarvis?

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The panel: Allison Isberg, Kathryn Sanders, Dan Handley, Curtis Smith, Timothy Harvey, Jason Hunt





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