SciFi4Me.com is always on the lookout for fresh talent — writers, bloggers, reporters, video producers, podcast hosts, etc. — and our volunteers are involved at many levels of experience. And they hail from various points all over the globe!

Just fill out this handy form and let us know what areas of “geek journalism” strike your fancy, and we’ll get in touch as soon as we can to see if it’s going to be a good fit for everyone.

(And yes, we know. We’d rather get paid to do this, too.)


Here are just some of the opportunities:


  • News writers – people to take on writing news articles from press releases, news tips, bulletins, and other sources
  • Reviews – opinion pieces on the latest books & movies
  • Recaps – overview and analysis of the latest episodes of genre television


SciFi4Me Radio

  • Podcasters – we’d like to expand our participation roster as well as our menu of shows
  • Interviews – online audio chats with celebrities, authors, producers, and more


SciFi4Me TV

  • Week in Review – writers and field reporters; comfortable on camera?
  • Comic Con Carne – writers with working knowledge of the comics industry, as well as hosts and field reporters
  • Salacious Crumbs – writers and reporters with a working knowledge of Star Wars


SciFi4Me Lit

  • Librarians – curators who can convert our library of public domain literature into online versions





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