Presenting the current Gang of Meddling Kids:

Team Kansas City:

Jason P. Hunt - a fan of science fiction since age 5, when he saw a guy in a gold shirt and a guy in a blue shirt, and the guy in the blue shirt had pointed ears… A fan of science fiction ranging from Heinlein and Asimov to Roddenberry and Rockne and everything in between. He also likes dogs. And bacon.

Timothy Harvey is a Kansas City based writer, director, actor and editor, with something of a passion for film noir movies. He was the art director for the recently release horror film Fetch, and serves on the board of directors for the Independent Filmmakers Coalition of Kansas City.

Annaleigh Josephs - A self-proclaimed Browncoat, Ringer, and geek, AJ has been in love with Sci Fi and fantasy since the first time she walked in on her father watching Star Wars.  With an adoration of the Whedonverse, SyFy, various authors ranging from H.G. Wells to Laurel K. Hamilton and Jeanine Frost, and a well-made drink, she found a home writing for SciFi4Me starting with alcohol-related articles and expanding from there.  She is a Certified Specialist of Spirits through the Society of Wine Educators and writes on her personal blog, The Tiddly Tales of AJ the Lush.

Dan Handley was raised a Trekkie, fell in love with Star Wars at an early age, and became obsessed with comic book superheroes.  He spent his youth dreaming of how to get real superpowers, starships, and so on.  Dan has since grown out of that childish dreamer phase … and is ready to start acquiring!

Curtis Smith, a native of Curtistan, is the current president of the Kansas City Horror Club and a lifelong fanboy. He’s also an actor, whip maker, and musician. Visit the web site here.

Dustin Adair grew up telling odd stories to concerned family members in Wimberley, Texas. He went on to study Screenwriting and Costume Design at Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri. He currently tells odd stories to concerned friends in Kansas City, Missouri. His Film Credits include Costume Design for Fetch, The Statement of Randolph Carter, and Change For a Dollar. Screenwriting credits include Pro Choice, The Taking of Savannah, and Story By credit for 9 ½ Years and Late One Night.

Casey “The N00basaurus” Shreve is an avid gamer, to say the least.  His pull to video games, let alone science fiction, has been a lifelong pursuit of both entertainment and fandom.  Beware! He’s a graduate of the University of Kansas. After killing the last boss of college, he’s been granted the boon of a general studies degree that focuses on key aspects of the electronic entertainment industry.  Along with gaming, other interests of the N00basaurus are movies, books, and the occasional shiny object.  As far as fan cultures go, he’s an active Whovian (post 2005) and a Brony, as well as a member of several lesser known fandoms. Press start, saddle up your dinosaur and tip your fez. The N00basaurus is ready to play.

Maia Ades resented the demanding schedule of First grade as it interfered with her afternoon TV schedule. Now she watches TV for “research” and in order to write show reviews. She is currently involved in independent film production, and enjoys creating fine art. Sharing the work with others at screenings and art shows is the best part of creating artistic work.

Elle Le is your typical 90’s child who grew up watching those stellar Saturday morning cartoons, reading marvelous comics, and playing video games. Fast forward to present day and not much has changed. Her true passion is teaching. She has debated with students about the age old Playstation vs. Xbox dispute…and won. This girl has recently spread her Marvel wings, and is exploring the other comic realms. Come join her!

Brie Clemens — bio coming soon

Max Jolley is an upcoming filmmaker and author based in Kansas City. His love of Science Fiction is matched only by his enthusiasm for writing, so working for SciFi4Me kills two birds with one metaphorical stone. He enjoys long walks on the beach, bubble baths, and slaying zombies by the thousands.
Born in Georgia, just outside of Atlanta, and raised on the wonders of the sci-fi genre in Missouri, Marie Lim spent most of her life in the pursuit of more worlds to immerse herself in. Ranging from Supernatural, to Doctor Who, to My Little Pony, these worlds have helped shape her into the the self-proclaimed geek she is today. Most of her days are spent at school, and when she’s not doing that she’s making costumes or getting further sucked into fandoms. She loves to cosplay and hopes to be able to compete with her costumes someday, as well as hopefully be a media entertainer, making videos, music, photos etc. to be distributed online for people to enjoy.


Team California:

Erik A. Williams is an actor, producer, host, voice over artist, Weird Al fan, 80s cartoon enthusiast, and all-around pop culture nerd. He has been a dedicated couch potato and movie fan since a very young age which has made his brain soaked with useless facts like that All in the Family actually had a spinoff called Archie Bunker’s Place which lasted four seasons and at one point knocked Mork and Mindy out of its Sunday-night time slot. Besides acting and working in the hardware department of Sears, he hosts his own talk show web series called It’s About Time in which he speaks with all the people making things happen around the planet via in-person interviews and Skype video chat. His favorite comic books (currently) are Superman and Buffy season 9.

Elle Latham is an actress, writer/producer/director, as well as a photographer and editor. Queen of the multi-hyphenates, she came on the LA scene in 2009 when she moved from Atlanta, GA to follow her dreams of conquering the world and getting paid for it. Soon after she arrived, she started to develop her comedy chops at iO West as an improviser and pursued an AA in Film Production at Los Angeles City College where she continues to hone her filmmaking skills. In addition to these great feats, she currently hosts a funny but awkward podcast known as the Super Awkward Funcast. She likes long walks on the beach and fun in the sun. Her favorite superhero is Catwoman because she’s so complex and her favorite science fiction film is Weird Science. (Just kidding.) It’s Galaxy Quest. (No, really. It still holds up.)

Angie Fiedler Sutton is from the Kansas City area, where she received a BA in Communication Arts: Journalism from Park University. She’s spent almost 20 years volunteering for various arts organizations in almost every aspect, including almost 15 years (7 of which was as associate editor) with the all-volunteer performing arts magazine KC Stage. Chosen as a fellow for the 2010 NEA Arts Journalism Institute, Angie is currently attending University of Southern California for her master’s program in Specialized Journalism: The Arts.


Team Texas:

Leslie Walker is a member of the old guard, one whose love of sci fi flowered during those golden years in the late 70s and early 80s, when Alien, Star Wars, Blade Runner and The Terminator came to screen.  Since then, her interests have expanded beyond sci fi to include pretty much any movie, TV show, or book that contains blood or mayhem.  By day, she masquerades as a quasi-normal business consultant; by night, she can be found glued to her Kindle, visiting other worlds.

David Parsons is a digital animator, visual effects artist, reader and  writer of fantasy and science fiction, amateur physicist and all around swell  guy from Texas. David uses only 100% all natural, gluten free computers for his art and writing.

Heather French is a second generation geek who grew up Star Wars in a Star Trek family. After graduating from UNT with a degree in Film and TV, she worked in Hollywood on films like Mars Attacks, Scream, and the TV shows CSI and Start Trek: Deep Space Nine. She currently freelances and spends most of her free time with dogs and cats who do not judge her sci fi/ fantasy indulgences… as long as she gives them treats.

Dorin A. Schadel was born and raised in Ohio, growing up a tomboy with 2 older brothers who were into comic books and science fiction.  Tired of her “girl toys”, she gravitated toward the boy stuff – Matchbox cars, comic books, Super Hero action figures, and Star Wars (with the occasional Barbie moment).   Now living in Dallas, Texas, her love of Sci-Fi has grown substantially – along with her action figure/toy collection!

Blaise Lapinski grew up in the mountains of Montana, where he first encountered Science Fiction through the Tom Swift novels, later branching out to the classics: Bradbury, Clarke, Heinlein to name a few. With a Bachelors and Masters of Science in Mathematics from Montana State University, Blaise has spent time as a calculus teacher, a chef, and software engineer. He loves science and numbers, but will never throw anything at you without telling you where it comes from. He enjoys long walks in the mountains of Tamriel, building computers, and tearing around in his Mini Cooper.


Team Europe:

Alex Callahan is a freelance writer who, at the impressionable age of six, was introduced to the world of magic and mayhem by her RPG loving older sister. After that it was Buffy and Stargate and before she knew, she was staying up till 2am because there was a Blade marathon on TV. Nowadays, she watches way too much TV, and sleeps way too little (but the last season of Orphan Black wouldn’t marathon itself).


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