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A Troubled and GRIMM Youth


Episode 3.18 “Nobody Knows the Trubel I’ve Seen”


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This episode introduces a new character. If she becomes a regular this will be a big thing. When we first met Rosalee, I didn’t know she would become a regular. Maybe the writers didn’t know that either. It wasn’t until the relationship between Monroe and Rosalee began that I suspected she would be a key character. This week we may have seen the beginning of a new generation of Grimms.


This week there were two storylines. The A storyline was the introduction of a new, younger Grimm. The B storyline was the emotional wake that Adalind is creating and the consequences of taking away baby Diana. I said it last week that her character would be forever changed by losing her baby. Not only did the team not consider what this would do to Adalind, but they also have not provided her with any resources. She has nothing to her name right now except her drive to get her baby back. I can’t believe that they left her with no clothing, food, shelter, money, nothing. She has nothing. And Adalind being Adalind this is going to come back and bite all of them. With Sean Renard and Nick being first in line for retribution. Mark my word, it’s coming.

There’s some cool lighting to introduce our newest Grimm. She’s walking at night along a deserted road bathed in blue light. A couple of bad Wesen drive up and grab her, dragging her into the woods presumably to rape her. The scene is shot so that we don’t know who dies. But the next morning the guys’ bodies are found where they attacked the girl. She stole their pickup truck which ends up helping the police track her down. Or more precisely a french fry she dropped in the truck leads Wu to security footage of her ordering the food.

Grimm - Season 3

I don’t know if what Wu said is true or if this was just something the writers came up with for this plot. Wu says that every fast food restaurant has a unique cut to their french fries. I’d be interested to hear from readers if this is true or if it was a plot device created by the Grimm writers. It’s certainly convenient for this story because Wu is able to trace the french fry, sort of like tracing a fingerprint from a perp.

My shorter version of the A storyline is this; Trubel is a young Grimm. She doesn’t know what she is. She thinks she’s insane and each of the Wesen that attack her are part of her personal hell. She keeps attracting vicious Wesen and she keeps killing them. She’s not like Kelly, Nick’s mother, or Aunt Marie. She’s not trying to kill the Wesen; she’s just defending herself. When Nick finally catches up with her and discovers that she’s a Grimm, he starts helping her to learn what she is and what it means to be a Grimm. But, before that happens she kills three Wesen. They figure out she’s a Grimm when she attacks Monroe and he wolges to protect himself.

Grimm - Season 3

So again we have this vague morality. For me, this is one of Grimm’s biggest weaknesses. Trubel even asks Hank what kind of police they are. Hank replies with a heavy sigh, “I wish I knew the answer to that.” It’s gotten to the point that it’s silly. How any of these police officers — Nick, Hank and Sean Renard — can continue to wear a badge and claim to serve and protect is ludicrous. It’s okay to kill Wesen. Or, it’s okay to kill some Wesen some of the time. Particularly depending on who did the killing and what their motive was. These are things that just don’t work in the real world. Murder is murder. It doesn’t matter if you feel you had a good reason to do it. It’s still murder. You might get a lesser charge if you’re defending yourself but the fact remains that someone died.

It looks like Nick is taking on the role of mentor Grimm. He talked to Trubel about having someone to teach him and show him what it meant to be a Grimm. I assume that he meant Monroe, because it wasn’t Aunt Marie or his mother, Kelly. Neither of them were there to teach him during the time that he began to grapple with what being a Grimm was all about.

Grimm - Season 3

I can’t believe how near sighted the group was that came up with the plan to save baby Diana. How can you take a baby from its mother and not expect her to react? Never mind that this is Adalind and she’s a Hexenbiest and she’s not a good humored person even at the best of times. Now, she’s been robbed of her baby and they expect her not to react? If you thought she came up with nasty ways of hurting everyone before, I’ll bet she’ll come up with even uglier ways of getting what she wants now.

Grimm - Season 3

Adalind calls Prince Victor after trying to get help finding Diana from every member of the team except Kelly, who of course is not in town and has the baby. While Renard did predict that even if Victor told Adalind that he didn’t have her baby she wouldn’t believe him, he didn’t see this coming. Victor is playing Adalind, letting her think that Diana is in his care. Victor tells Adalind that because she has Nick’s blood in her he is vulnerable. Again, I think he’s not thought this through. Much like team Nick, who didn’t think through what kind of reaction Adalind would have to being tricked to give up her baby. Victor may regret crossing Adalind. When she figures out that he doesn’t have her baby either, oh boy.

I predict that the season finale will be the Monroe+Rosalee wedding because I think that’s a natural way to end the season. Before Adalind gave birth to the baby, I thought that was going to be part of the season finale. Because it’s Grimm, I think something horrible will happen.  Maybe it will involve Adalind. I doubt that she will be invited to the wedding but she might crash the party. I also think that the new Grimm, Trubel, will figure into the story. In fact I think that she will rescue Nick. She may even cause some jealousy for Juliette. Although that would be below Juliette in my opinion.


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