THE TIM HARVEY SHOW #4: Ain’t It Cool News in Freefall & STAR TREK’s Return

Back in the early days of fandom, you could pretty much count on one hand the number of online sites to get the latest news. Ain’t It Cool News was one of those sites. Long before the web was the destination for everything… Harry Knowles and his team were paving the way with scoops and previews of all the pretty genre things.

Now, Ain’t It Cool (yes, it’s still around) is dealing with a staff exodus in the wake of 20-year-old sexual harassment allegations against Knowles. That, plus the news that Devin Faraci went back to work for the Alamo Drafthouse folks after the reveal that he was accused of the same thing, now puts Tim League and Alamo in the cross-hairs.

Plus: there was a thing what happened this week. A thing calling itself Star Trek. And you know what? It might not be all bad… but let’s talk about it.

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Timothy Harvey

Timothy Harvey is a Kansas City based writer, director, actor and editor, with a passion for film noir movies. He was the art director for the horror film "American Maniacs", and serves on the board of directors for the Independent Filmmakers Coalition of Kansas City and the Kansas City Film Commission.

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