The Great White North’s 2017 Aurora Award Winners

[Photograph courtesy Prix Aurora Official Facebook page]

The Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association (CSFFA) has held their annual Aurora Awards at a ceremony in Halifax, Nova Scotia during Halcon, which ran from September 22 to September 24, 2017. The nominees were elected from submissions from the 2016 calendar year.

Also known as The Prix Aurora Awards, (and previously as the Casper Awards), both French and English Canadian works are considered for the honors. The works in French were separated into the Prix Aurora-Boréal awards, which are handled by the SFSF Boréal.

This year’s awards were differentiated by the inclusion of The Best of The Decade Award for a novel or multi-volume story. Robert J. Sawyer’s Neanderthal Parallax Trilogy (Hugo-award-winner Hominids, Humans and Hybrids) took home the top honors despite a strong list of contenders.

The English winners are as follows:

Best Novel:

  • WINNER: Quantum Night, Robert J. Sawyer (Penguin Canada)
  • Children of Earth and Sky, Guy Gavriel Kay (Viking Canada)
  • Company Town, Madeline Ashby (Tor)
  • The Courier, Gerald Brandt (DAW)
  • The Nature of a Pirate, A. M. Dellamonica (Tor)
  • Stars Like Cold Fire, Brent Nichols (Bundoran)

Best Ya Novel:

  • WINNER: Icarus Down, James Bow (Scholastic Canada)
  • Day of the Demon, Randy McCharles (CreateSpace)
  • Door into Faerie, Edward Willett (Coteau Books)
  • Heir to the Sky, Amanda Sun (Harlequin Teen)
  • Mik Murdoch: Crisis of Conscience, Michell Plested (Evil Alter Ego Press)
  • The Wizard Killer (Season #1), Adam Dreece (ADZO)

Best Short Fiction:

  • WINNER: “Marion’s War”, Hayden Trenholm (Strangers Among Us)
  • “Age of Miracles”, Robert Runté (Strangers Among Us)
  • “Frog Song”, Erika Holt (Strangers Among Us)
  • “Living in Oz”, Bev Geddes (Strangers Among Us)
  • “Seasons of Glass and Iron”, Amal El-Mohtar (The Starlit Wood)
  • “When Phakack Comes to Steal Papa, a Ti-Jean Story”, Ace Jordyn (On Spec #103)

Best Related Work:

  • WINNER: Strangers Among Us: Tales of the Underdogs and Outcasts, Susan Forest & Lucas K. Law, eds. (Laksa)
  • Clockwork Canada, Dominik Parisien, ed. (Exile Editions)
  • Enigma Front: Burnt, Celeste A. Peters, ed. (Analemma)
  • Lazarus Risen, Hayden Trenholm & Mike Rimar, eds. (Bundoran)
  • Superhero Universe: Tesseracts Nineteen, Claude Lalumière & Mark Shainblum, eds. (EDGE)

Best Graphic Novel:

  • WINNER: Angel Catbird Volume One, Margaret Atwood, Johnnie Christmas & Tamra Bonvillian (Dark Horse)
  • Crash and Burn, Kate Larking & Finn Lucullan (Astres)
  • Earthsong, Crystal Yates (
  • It Never Rains, Kari Maaren (
  • Weregeek, Alina Pete (

Best Artist:

  • WINNER: Samantha M. Beiko
  •  James Beveridge
  • Melissa Mary Duncan
  • Erik Mohr
  • Dan O’Driscoll

Best Visual Presentation

  • WINNER: Arrival
  • Dark Matter
  • Killjoys
  • Murdoch Mysteries
  • Orphan Black

Best Of The Decade:

  • WINNER: The Neanderthal Parallax, Robert J. Sawyer (Tor)
  • Blind Lake, Robert Charles Wilson (Tor)
  • The Blue Ant Trilogy, William Gibson (Berkley)
  • Malazan Book of the Fallen, Steven Erikson (Tor)
  • The Onion Girl, Charles de Lint (Tor)
  • Under Heaven, Guy Gavriel Kay (Viking Canada)

For more information regarding the Prix Aurora Awards the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association, and the French-Canadian winners this year, please visit their website here.

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