What We Do in the Shadows (2014)
Written by Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi
Directed by Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi
Resnick Interactive Development/Unison Films/
Defender Films/Funny or Die/New Zealand Film Commission
85 minutes, rated R


With The Wolves That Are Teens off this weekend, Team Zombie turns to a different kind of monster, and introduces Mr. Adair to What We Do in the Shadows. Which he somehow hasn’t seen yet. It’s horror to laugh with, on Zombpocalypse Now!

The guy on the right is Stu. Everyone loves Stu. Stu is all the awesome.

Timothy: So with Teen Wolf off this week, we planned to record anyway, even though we hadn’t decided what we’d be discussing.

Dustin: I’d joked about covering the VMAs as a science-fiction film, but then we heard about Tobe Hooper’s death, and we thought we’d look at one of his films.

Timothy: We’re kind of snark-based around here, so we were leaning towards Lifeforce, but couldn’t find a copy to watch…

Mindy: The making-of is on Netflix, but the film isn’t, which makes all the sense.

Timothy: And we decided to go with something to make us laugh. Because laughter is a good thing, and it’s been a rough week.

Dustin: Have I mentioned that I’m from Texas? Yeah. So somehow I’ve never seen What We Do in the Shadows, and so we settled on that. A mental and emotional palette-cleanser of a sort. And now I want a Stu too.

Timothy: I mention during our recording that the guy who plays Stu – and he’s not an actor but is named Stu in real life – was sort of tricked into being in the film as much as he is, but it gets even better. Turns out he’s really an IT guy who’s friends with Taika Waititi, and every time he tells people in the film what he does for a living he’s telling people what he really does for a living. They told him he was going to do IT for the film, and kept putting him on camera.

Mindy: And everybody loves Stu. On screen and in the audience.

Dustin: “I’m knitting a scarf for Stu” just kills me.

Timothy: We laughed a lot. If you haven’t watched this film, go do it now, and come back and listen to us tell you why we loved it. Then go watch one of Tobe Hooper’s films.

Mindy: And then come back next week for more of the final season of Teen Wolf, here on SciFi4MeRadio’s Zombpocalypse Now!



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