D23 Expo News! THE LAST JEDI might change everything? — SALACIOUS CRUMBS Episode LI


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Mackenna is back with news from Disney’s D23 Expo! Episode 51 has the latest on the Han Solo project and Episode VIII in the Skywalker saga.

This episode:

00:30 – Ron Howard tweets Han Solo stuff
– Lando’s wardrobe
– editing with coffee
– Lumpy is back!
– first look at Lando
02:40 – images from Solo film via TMZ
03:03 – Warwick Davis joins Solo movie
03:52 – John Powell to compose Solo score
04:41 – D23: Star Wars Land is now Galaxy’s Edge
05:58 – Galaxy’s Edge Millennium Falcon play effects
06:30 – Galaxy’s Edge familiar characters
07:23 – THE LAST JEDI new details: synopsis
08:15 – Benecio Del Toro talks casting DJ
08:58 – THE LAST JEDI behind-the-scenes reel
10:22 – new aliens and characters
11:36 – new LAST JEDI posters
12:15 – Hamill and Fisher new Disney Legends
12:55 – new action figures
13:32 – Lenovo AR headset & lightsaber for “Jedi Challenges”
13:55 – Hot Toys Luke Skywalker 12″ figure
14:25 – Radio Flyer landspeeder
14:45 – new Black Series Luke & Rey
15:20 – REBELS: Ahsoka’s fate?
15:42 – THRAWN: Marvel comic adaptation



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